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  1. Thanks Suetonius. I'm just composing a letter tot he courts anyway, about it. I'll let you know how i go on, but thanks for taking your time to advise me.
  2. oh, and its unsecured - i think i'm in the wrong forum now!
  3. Have you considered home parties? From your name I presume you're a fella, and i'm not sure what parties there are for men or male sales reps...but it might be worth looking into??
  4. Hi Sue Having had a quick look through the paperwork, the contract was offered in february 2004 and agreed in April 2004. Does this make a difference to anything?
  5. Well, having heard nothing from NR since our letter to them on 5th May requesting further information on how a terminated account can still accrue charges and accept monthly payments; and requesting a copy of the default notice as there isn't one on our credit file; and also how it took 19 months for this correspondence to reach us, we got a letter from the court yesterday demanding a £20k+ payment to NR. We have contacted NR to find out why they went ahead without providing us with the information we asked for, and have basically been baffled with terminology. We were told in May that t
  6. Thanks very much for this, it's very useful - I'll have a look into it today. I didn't think the figures added up but thought this was more to do with interest being added - especially as 2 years at £6.25 a day is a hefty amount. Cheers, TheSkints
  7. Hi everyone I hope you can help me please. I'll apologise in advance if this is a long one.... I've had a loan with NR for some time now. The agreement was for £17,250 in 2004. In 2007 I missed some payments, and received a letter (dated 12th October 2007) that states the following: "Further to our default notice dated 19th september 2007 your failure to pay the then outstanding arrears of £770 now results in the termination of your loan agreement with us. We, therefore, now demand a payment forthwith of the sum £17,753.32 plus interest from the date of this notice unti
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