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  1. Hi I just wanted to warn anyone who is thinking of purchasing from Currys an all in 1 package of a digital camera & photo printer dock to make sure that they specifically ask for SEPARATE 'whatever happens' repair cover for each item (ie 2 'whatever happens' policies) even if the camera and printer dock come as a single package in 1 box. I have recently had to take my digital camera back to Currys as it was faulty. They sent away the camera and it came back not requiring repair, so it suggested the printer was at fault, however I was then informed by the 'whatever happens' team t
  2. Hello Been led to this website via a search on the heading details so hoped someone could advise PLEASE can someone help me I really am confused and dont know what to do! Many thanks. I have done a search on Barclays Partner finance and was surprised to see there were several threads on the subject. However none of them answer my questions. Appologies in advance for the long post. Please can someone give me some helpful advice or even who I am dealng with? A few months ago I received a letter from Barclays Partner Finance informing me that they were formerly Clydesda
  3. Hello I used to have a business account with Lloyds and would like to reclaim the bank charges they issued. Can I just use the same SAC letter for personal accounts or is there a separate letter to use? If so where can I find it? Unfortunately I don't have any of the account statements anymore. Thanks.
  4. Hi Can I use the same template letter for business accounts as I have for current accounts? Thanks Heddwen
  5. Hi Im new to this site so forgive me for not understanding. I had several accounts with Lloyds TSB some years ago. Which are all now closed as I bank elsewhere. Can I still claim even though they have been closed for the past 2 - 2 1/2 years or is it to late? I hope its not to late as I suspect there may be a bit to repay, especially as I still have a loan with their other company Loans Direct. I was overdrawn over 3 accounts so they combined what I owed and set up a repayment loan over 24 years!!! I only owed around £2,000 - £3,000 so after having paid £46.64 back over 2 mayb
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