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  1. Hello, I visited London and had forgot to pay the congestion charge fee, by the time I remembered it was to late and I was told to wait for the letter of non-payment. I now have to pay this extra charge...is there any way of getting out of this? is it like credit card charges, bank charges etc...any help will be appreciated. Thanks Laurap
  2. Hi Andy, Wasn't having a go at you....I did read your paragraph and believe me I know where you are coming from. I was refering to others who seem to think it's a great thing to be able to use the system eg the 6 year rule and not be able to pay your debts..often you see people on here who go on about just a few more months till the last default falls off then they can apply for credit again, when quite plainly they shouldn't be allowed to...someone else always ends up paying for these things. Also if that same system allows you to pay off at a token £1 a month then there is no reason why
  3. Hi, I appreciate that it's very stressful when you are in debt, but some of the comments suggest that you are some sort of hero for getting out of paying for your debts when you quite rightly owe the money and should have paid up....other responsible people work hard at paying off debts. Good luck to you - I'm sure you have learnt your lesson, but other people on here shouldn't be so happy for you beating the system in this way, it's not moral - how would they feel if iy was them who were personally owed the money?
  4. Hello, Quite new to all this - I want to try to reclaim charges on a HP Car Loan agreement I have. What templete would I use? Would it be the same as a bank one. Also is it the same as a bank i.e on hold...or is this type of thing different? Thanks in advance FREDDIE
  5. Hi Tom, I have been looking around for similar thing... On the list of charges I have it has: additional interest - is this something that can be claimed for? Also do you know what letter templete should be used? Is it the same as a bank one? Thanks in advance FREDDIE
  6. FAO Suzby... Just a quick reply...I will post a more up to date one as soon as I can! I had a reply from the I.C.O who have said that their response is a final response with no chance of an appeal! They have basically said even tho' Next haven't got a signed CCA the default still stands as they are obligated to record information on me.....basically lots of bla..bla..bla...I was met with a similar response from the F.O.C who said that it still stands and I need to contact the I.C.O. There is more detail I need to add as soon as I get chance but it appears that even without a si
  7. Hi, I had a similar issue with Next which is still in the hands of the Information Comissionaire (9 months and still waiting). Basically Next couldn't provide me with signed credit agreement and I have a default on my credit file which they refuse to remove. However, if you do searches on this site under NEXT you will find lots of information that says the default shouldn't have been recorded. Hopefully the I.C.O will (eventually) come down in my favour... Therfore don't let them get away with it. LauraP
  8. Hi, Thanks Martin, What do you mean when you say that they are likely to show some caution? Thanks Laurap
  9. Hi, Only my 2nd post, hopefully you will get the gist of my query! Not sure exactly where it all started, but on the last 2/3 credit card payments I keep getting a £12 overlimit charge even tho I am making my payment on time and not using the card at all.... It appears that for example they ask for £30 monthly payment then by the time the interest is applied on the next statement it's a case of the £30 they asked for isn't enough and I am over the limit again when the the next statement is drawn up and the interest applied. Shouldn't the credit card companies be aware of wh
  10. Hello All, This is my first post, so hopefully it will make sense! I have had a long dispute with Next who defaulted me but were unable to produce a signed CCA. I felt they were a bit harsh in doing so, (especially since at the time was serious illness in the family) however during investigations by the Financial Ombudsman Service, they upheld the default from Next for the following reason: I ordered from the directory and wanted to return it in the shop. The sales assistant said it was only possible if I had a Next Directory Card to use alongside my directory. She asked me
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