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  1. The judge sitting on the case stated in court to the other side that the settlement will be settled as offered by the other side in no less than 28days of the the day this was in court. The Judge told me that if the matter was not settled on or before the deadline was to contact the them otherwise the case would be closed on 27th Jan 2011 the employer is definitely messing me about. I have contacted their solicitors and have told them that if no payment was received by 12 miday on the 9th Jan i would take the matter back to court. The solicitor contacted me almost immediately and stated that a
  2. Hi everyone, Just some advice please. Some of you will know of my Employment Tribunal Case, but i have a question which needs an answer. If the claim is settled and agreed between the Claimant and Respondent at the Tribunal which then goes in front of the Employment Judge who oversee's what has been agreed and a date of 28 days is given by the Responent in which to pay the compensation or award. In my case the Judge directed that payment must be made no later than 28 days but if the claimant does not receive the payment i am to go straight back to court and report that no payment has been
  3. Just to bring you up to date i won the dismissal case. But i will tell you that this was not easy. The fact that at times i was prevented by the Tribunal in what questions i could ask under cross examination. The judge in the case there fore on the point that would my actions have led to dismissal anyway were highly likely. The judge stated to both sides that an agreement should be tried before continuing the case in which yes my ex employer would have been roasted but i would have walked away from the court with a whole lot less in compensation. So a figure was agreed between both sides and t
  4. That is all i can do telling the Truth is something i have been doing all the way through this case which has been a complete nightmare and certainly not cut and dry or in an ideal world easy. I have been totally let down by total idiot solicitors leaving me hanging. Not being able to get this on a no win no fee basis. And the very solicitors who were going to take the case on who were recommended from the CAB were totally useless basically losing everything that i sent them wasting time. While this was going on i contacted a company Going Legal i had an hour long consultation talk and they se
  5. Sorry also i must stress and point out that when i was sacked i was given nothing in writing, I was not asked to attend any formal meeting in which i was allowed to give my version of events or at least be given a chance of explaining myself. I was given absolutely nothing in writing. And nothing there after was ever put in writing concerning my dismissal. I had also attempted to contact my employer to try to get some formal meeting together where i would have a witness present so i could at least get to the bottom of what had happened and they would have clearly seen i was not to blame. Howev
  6. Thankyou i was just about to post a link but seeing as you have done so no need to now. Thankyou for this!
  7. No sorry had to leave this unexpectedly so the ending was not correct. Yes this was to do with my last thread. However like i said i attended the Pre Hearing and the pre hearing found in my favour that i was in fact an employee. Based on that hearing plus the fact that evidence against the other side that the dismissal was unlawful the other side have caved in to a certain extent. However the fact now is that they intend to attempt to prove in some way that the dismissal i was partly to blame for which is total crap and i have very good evidence to prove that in no way was anything partly my f
  8. Hi The case is about to go into court i cannot really say too much on what had happened. But anyway i was sacked not given any right to appeal, nothing was given in writing and the allegations of leaving something on a desk that was needed for my work really does not come into Gross misconduct. So what is happening now is that ACAS contacted me and stated that the other side had agreed that they felt the case was unsafe and feel that it would not be in their interest to pursue it. They made an offer of £1,000 which i totally refused and stated no i would still be taking this to the employ
  9. Even this is not fail safe as who is to say that you ever put those documents in the original envelope posted by the same means on the same day? The only true way would be to have an independent witness with you a solicitor. Who would know the contents you put in the letter and either he send these for you or is with you when they are sent. I know it sounds pathetic how far one must go to prove anything these days. IT seems that you need a solicitor or independent witness with you at all times what ever you do these days.
  10. Thanks for that information i am not going to go over the top with this only to recover what i am owed or entitled to but yes i bare in mind everything you say. Sorry just another question. I notice on this site that one person has stated what he should get in the way of compensation i thought that was up to the tribunal to work out what ever else in the way of compensation you get is that correct? I have put on mine and have dealt with what wages i have lost as well as holiday i was owed and what i am currently receiving from the state all dates are noted. I have also put on the Schedule how
  11. sarE1 Firstly thank you for your help! QUESTIONS I am sorting out my Schedule of loss form and have found some good advice on how to fill one out. However i am confused as to who this is sent to once complete? Do i sen a copy to the Tribunal and the other sides Solicitor or just send to to the Tribunal. Also in this Schedule of loss can i also claim for things like Debts i have incurred because of being dismissed, but also through those debts i have become black listed and will not get further credit can i claim compensation also against that. I have also read somewhere that if you are
  12. Thankyou hope that edit makes things more easy to read sorry about that just that i type so quick trying to make sure i put what is needed down. Thanks for your suggestion.
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