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  1. Ah! Thank you! You replied much quicker than the liquidators! I followed the link from on here (another FC post) to the liquidators. Any queries to be addressed to Richard Barrett with his email address. So I emailed him asking the same question. If they don't reply quickly I have my answer now. That puts my mind at rest. After all this time the last thing I want is to abandon this court hearing.
  2. Reading the court papers, I have to provide the court AND the defendant copies of my claim. So, to whom, and where do I send them?? According to the TV coverage, the offices used by FC are empty. Or, should I send them to Chess ICT? Since they are the ones, according to the report, sub-contracted FC originally. Although when I asked them they denied all responsibility, saying they are only 'helping' customers left in the lurch by FC......(out of the goodness of their hearts, of course_). Or, even O2?? Any help welcome.
  3. Yes. That has always been my defence for being sucked into FC's sham. I thought it was O2's contract when I signed!!!!
  4. That's what I must stress then. That O2 authorised FC to work on their behalf, even though O2 insisted that my contract was with FC not them. They provide the service only. What I couldn't determine from O2, nor Chess, is WHO is responsible for my contract now? Neither want to know yet both are happy to take my money + cashback + early termination fee. Both just evade the question, or blame the other...... It seems very simple to me that I signed a contract with FC. FC have ceased trading. Contract broken/breached.
  5. Yes, I completely understand about the money! There's no-one to claim it from anyway.... What I really want to achieve (though not sure it'll happen in court) is to have the contract cancelled. All I want now is to go back to EE!!!! Over 12 years of NO issues whatsover! But I'm damned if I'll pay an(other) early termination fee to O2.
  6. Thank you, Bankfodder. I do take your advice and am grateful for it! But you know I'm not a great fan of posting forms online .......however, I will ....because I could easily get out of my depth with this complicated issue. You have made some very interesting points, which is why I am determined to take this to court. When FC ceased trading I was in touch with both O2 (by phone) and Chess (by email, having refused a phone call with them). Neither would admit any responsibility for the contract I had with FC. Carefully evading any direct questions. I'll start my case notes very soon. It has to be in before 27 Sept, together with the £25 fee. The sums are adding up now......it was over £200 when I started the claim, now with another 3 months missed cashbacks and another court fee, we're getting on for nearer £300 but WHO will pay?? No-one I'm guessing......unless O2 are pressured by the courts or the Ombudsman..... Seems that Chess are eager to take on all these ex-customers of FC. They've probably struck a deal with O2 whereby they get all the commission! O2 certainly won't give cashbacks in any form. Not sure about Chess - I haven't asked them, although they did say they would likely 'discuss' options. What I'd like to know is where are all the other disgruntled FC victims??? Has everyone just given up?????
  7. This morning I received a letter from the local court with a hearing date (Oct 25). I have to send a detailed claim and pay a further £25 hearing fee. That part's easy. But is it OK to continue knowing full well that FC have ceased trading? Apparently, even though I spoke with O2 and this Chess company (who are hoovering up all FC's accounts) and explicitly said I do NOT want to be transferred to Chess (IMO, no different from FC) my contract has been taken over by Chess. I received a text message (twice) saying they'd taken over my account. I haven't contacted them and O2 continue to take the full amount each month with no-one now paying any cashback. All I want now is my 'contract' signed with FC to be scrapped. Is there a chance the courts can do this? I did say in my first money claim that that's what I wanted, aswell as my money back! Chess say they will not attend court because it's nothing to do with them........
  8. Oh, even better then! I'll just carry on regardless..... Thank you!!
  9. Should I just continue as though I don't know they've gone bust? Hearing date to follow soon.
  10. Chess ICT contacted me by email to say they are taking over FC's customers now they've gone bust. Told me to forward all relevant paperwork with money claims. BUT also heard from court that my case is going to be heard at my local court very soon as FC didn't respond to mediation. Does this mean I can continue with my court action but with Chess???? Anyone?? Please??!
  11. Future comms gone bust, so now what? O2 have the job of passing on affected customers to Chess ICT who seem to have some connection to FC (with not much better reviews online!). O2 seem to have confidence that they will solve the issues. I don't. All I want is to cancel the contract but is there any hope? At all? Currently my court case against them is still ongoing and due to be heard in a local court very soon. I have to wait to be told the appointed time, then call to tell them the situation. Presumably it will just get cancelled. As my contract was with FC but service provided by O2, I shall be beholden to O2 to do as I am told? I am loathe to continue paying O2 this dd which includes the cashback I should have got/be getting. Yet I can't stop because I don't want my service cut.
  12. This is fantastic news!!!! It's what I hoped would happen but didn't believe it ever would. OK, not good for those of us who are owed money......but at least it will spare new customers. I have been patiently waiting for my court case, even agreeing to a mediation on 31st July. Well, that's not going to happen, is it?? Oh dear, O2 (and others), this will teach you to ignore your customers......if only you had listened to us......
  13. This is worrying but exactly the response I got from O2 when I complained (a lot) to them. They quickly fobbed me off to the Ombudsman saying we had reached 'deadlock'. What are we to do when faced with BOTH of them????
  14. Shame! Let's hope they go bust before long.....they're collecting CCJ's like trophies.
  15. If they don't comply will that mean a CCJ against them? Also, I guess they won't like me too much now......probably with hold all future cashbacks! OK, so what are my chances of being released from this horrendous contract, since they are clearly not sticking to their side of it????
  16. £175 give or take......they owed 2 months cashback but during court paperwork paid those . Now they owe for May, and next week, for June. I say give or take because of the VAT part. They say no VAT but in an email they promised to pay the VAT. Plus the court fees and interest at 8%. So, nowhere near the £600 for super-efficient bailiffs!
  17. Update: Letter received today from court informing me that the defendant failed to return the Directions Questionnaire by the date specified. They have until 16th, 4 days to do so. If they don't comply the order will be struck out and looks like I will be at liberty to enter judgement. That'll be interesting; if they can't be bothered to reply to the courts, what chance is there of getting my money???
  18. Well, I had every intention to but left it to the last minute and was anxious to get the form back in time. I doubt much will happen quickly - I am away 23rd May-10th June (stated on the form as unavailable between those dates). The trouble with 'all us self-employed' is that we ARE looking at our balance sheets and keeping orders going out on time, paying bills, keeping stock levels up etc.... that when something like this comes along (FC con-men) it can take up a lot of precious time. It may seem to an outsider that we are being apathetic but it is only one part of many things to keep on top of. I am guilty of this myself. It IS tiresome! Them defending my claim frankly took me by surprise (but that's what they love to do!). I suspect a lot of 'victims' have small businesses that are labour-intensive and these are the very people who have little time to deal with businesses who are out to con us. So, from that point, CAG is wonderful in that it helps enormously with these burdens. From FC's point of view we are easy prey.
  19. Update! Well, FC decided to defend my claim against them. I received the court papers to complete and return which I have duly done. What their defence is I have no idea, it wasn't included. I did agree to a phone call mediation since I am so far away from Gosport, although I did fill in my local court as preference. They did pay last month's cashback, so I suppose they think that's sufficient. But the early termination fee promised by 18th April still hasn't been paid (and that was put on the court form!). Now we are past 18th May and no cashback...….here we go again.....interesting to see how the courts respond.
  20. At least being on here improves my computer skills!
  21. Yes, I did add interest fees to the claim. I do intend to claim every last penny. SEE POST 126!!!! Or about 3 posts back. I know I provide a lot of reading material but I do try to answer every question you ask me!
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