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  1. also is there any relevance to them not adding the £75 fee but that they deducted the amount?
  2. many thanks ozzywizard for the figures you have provided,at least i now have a rough idea of the figure if they decide to settle.i had a call from someone at compliance saying they are near to a decision last week so hopefully i will know wether it will be settled amicably or via FOS.I thought that the 8% was only added if you go to FOS or can i simply add that for the inconvenience caused and not having the use of the money as it were. Again many thanks for your time and help....anton
  3. many thanks ozzywizard you help is much appreciated,i will check back later,have a good day...anton
  4. hi ozzywizard thanks for the reply here is my agreement.. http://i576.photobucket.com/albums/s...1/100_1155.jpg i just have visions of them making a poor offer rather then what they should be offering and want to be a little prepared for them.....
  5. hi all,have been pestering Welcome about my mis-sold ppi and they are dealing with it? If they were to agree would anyone be able to give me a rough figure on what to expect as i dont want them ripping me off again. The PPi was a fixed sum at the begining of the loan costing £565 and we have made 30 months of payments.the insurance payments are £26.85 pm which amounts to £805. Am i right in thinking that we should receive the initial £565 plus the £805 we have already made?thank you in advance if any one can spread some light on this for me.Oh and i tried working with a few ppi calculato
  6. AHH many thanks postggj, i presumed it was something that could be added by everyone as some form of compensation. many thanks....anton
  7. hi all,after reading about the ppi claims i keep coming across references to refund plus 8%. would anyone be able to tell me what the 8% refers to as in is it compensation. many thanks
  8. hi there again bazooka and apologies for the delay in replying. my SAR from BOS basically had a 2 page statement of account and a CCA,no transcripts or pc printouts and no mention of a DN or NOA. I questioned the fact that cabot had provided me with a `representation of an NOA` but BOS will not answer any of my letters. having read the thread you recommended and though i dont fully understand it,it would appear that BOS seem to have terminated the account without following the correct guidelines(NOA,DN). What i still cannot grasp is BOS had written the account off and returned it to a
  9. thanks again bazooka boo,the thing is cabot purchased the debt after it had been put to zero which i had hoped ment that cabot had purchased a debt with a zero balance. i never received a notice of assignment from BOS nor was one in the sar,i also have never received a default notice.(BOS refuse to answer my questions on this) cabot provided a `representation of an NOA stating` that they had acquired the debt in december 02, 5 weeks after the balance was written off with the zero balance and which is causing me the confusion.
  10. high bazooka boo,the account was not settled with BOS ive been disputing it firstly as i thought it was statute barred then after i did a SAR to BOS i noticed the zero balance on the statement.cabot bought the debt just over one month after BOS had zero`d the account. what i had hoped was that because BOS had put the balace to zero before cabot purchased the account then in theory CABOT had bought an account worth nothing.if that makes sense LOL
  11. hey guys n girls been a while since ive posted on this thread.well cabot got back to me again stating i owed them money etc and sent me a copy of the statement from BOS but they omitted the last three lines which showed the zero balance.So i wrote back to them and stated that there seems to be some important bits missing from the statement they state and that the end figure is different to what my statement says. Today i have had a reply from cabot (link to their letter) http://i576.photobucket.com/albums/ss209/marcog111/100_1969.jpg So are they right? here is a copy of the last page of
  12. still unsure as to what form of reply if any should i send to WELCOME? They are still dealing with the ppi claim.... the link below is their last letter and the one that seems to put a halt on my complaint. http://i576.photobucket.com/albums/s...1/100_1372.jpg any advice would be welcome.many thanks...anton
  13. my thoughts exactly postggj.Its as if they try to just halt us in our steps by making what seems a valid arguement invalid.No where does it state on my CCA or t&c`s that they will charge an early settlement figure yet they seem hell bent on saying they are entitled to.completely confused as to whether i should reply or just drop this as i can see it will be a bat n ball game with them......
  14. hi all,still unsure as how to reply to the letter i recieved from welcome(below link) http://i576.photobucket.com/albums/ss209/marcog111/100_1372.jpg if anyone has any comments or advice i would be very greatful.all he best anton
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