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  1. Sorry. I meant to quote the post by Mojo .
  2. Crem Have you had a chance to find this info about the laws for me yet?
  3. Please elaborate. Which laws are "current" in respect of those things you mention and which laws "clearly exist" regarding the OP ?
  4. Whether the op does or doesn't is his / her business. As far as pcn's though. There is a subforum on here choc a block full of people who have been given them and are looking at the legality of them, so lets face it, there are many who would be only too glad for a loophole. There are also members who have had their cars clamped for non-payment of VED who are also looking for a loophole. A lot of other members offer to look at the paperwork to try and find a loophole. Others have had cars clamped by bailiffs who come on here looking for a solution. I will guarantee that the ma
  5. Ultimately, I am not here to try to convert anyone. I am just trying to give an account of thigs I have discovered and am still discovering. The original OP stated something that he believes is valid. All but one of the responses have been negative, possibly from people who have never even researched the issue. This is (or should be) an open forum for ideas to be put forward. There are many things I have learned from the forum. Some have worked. Some haven't, but at least I have tried the methods suggested by the members. That is the polite way of doing it. Lets face it, e
  6. They also get a lot from income tax from my employees (and me). I have 9 in total. No vehicles-no income tax -no revenue
  7. Think about the government/governed issue I mentioned before. The answer lies there There are laws which we should all abide by. Then there are acts and statutes which are not laws
  8. Hi, I know I wont be allowed to put a direct link, but if you google deadbeatdadsassociation, there is loads of advice about these lowlife
  9. Try it.... You may be surprised. I know you are good on this subject, as I have spoken to you on a few occasions under my usual user name. Are you able to tell me which law parking tickets come under?
  10. OK, I have found it in my dictionary. tried to find the online version, but it is a subscription one. If I can work out how to scan and attach from my dictionary I will do so. Please can I also add, I am not , and never have been a member of the tpuc, or FMOTL fora, although I do visit them regularly as a guest
  11. I run a coach hire business. I have 6 vehicles, the newest of which cost £130,000 and the cheapest is approx £25,000 Each of these costs me between £300 and £400 a year to tax. My insurance for them costs almost £53,000 And my fuel bills for the last year were £145,000 Suppose they were to take these from me, then where would they make the revenue for and I am just talking of a small business like mine.
  12. I wondered how long it would take to mention government. Are you part of the government? If not, then you must be the governed will find you the link you ask for
  13. The T&C of my bank say they can charge overdraft and DD fees, but we have found this to be false too. Just because it is on their website, doesnt make it the truth. Lets face it .. Are they really going to tell you otherwise
  14. I have a home abroad and took my vehicle there with me to leave there. At HM customs, I had to provide details of the vehicle and produce the necessary export papers. If I really owned the vehicle, why would I have had to do that. When I moved some furniture there, it included a wardrobe amongst other things. Why did I not have to provide the same documentation for that?
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