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  1. Bcard has finally paid up £1,796.59 to my card :D:D. As I still owe them it will reduce the amount of my debt with them. Big thank you to all caggers!
  2. I think I will accept the offer. Many thanks to everyone @ CAG. Can the title be changed to a win?
  3. Thank you Alanalana for your reply. After using the simple interest calculator, I came up with £1,664.45, which lower than the £1,796.59 offered by Bcard: it is made up of £1,211.59 (premium paid) plus £449.22 (8% simple interest) and £136.06 (compound interest). Shall I accept this offer?
  4. Hi Everyone, I haven't posted for a while but now I have an update from Bcard regarding my claim for PPI. They have admitted the mis-selling of PPI as they said " ... we feel there is a lack of supporting evidence to confirm that the sale of PPI was carried out in accordance with our standard procedures. As a result we offer a refund of the PPI premiums you have paid and associated interest on this amount..." Now I am not sure about their calculation so I would like some help here before considering the £1,796.87 they are offering. Here are the figures: 25/06/04 £26.68 17.9%
  5. Congrat RV! This is an excellent outcome to those months waiting for this result. Sometimes I ask myself is there anything wrong with all the banks? Why put up a fight when in the end you're going to cough up? Oh I forgot, they are relying on those among us who will give up just after the first gun shot from them. It won't happen with us the "Believers", as no matter how long it will take we will hang on and chase them up to the final result: SHOW US OUR MONEY. Well done RV:D:D:D:D!
  6. Hi AppleXO, You are at the right forum where surely you will get all the support towards reclaim any mis-sold PPI policy. Yes as you said you need to send for a SAR and you should get a template under the Sticky section. Look for the one with the title "Full SAR for PPI". Make sure you send them the Required £10 for that service. Then if you want your CCA you also need to send them the request with £1 for the that to be sent to you.
  7. Hi Bradley68, IMO you should accept their cheque as a partial payment and then pursuit the remaining amount through the FOS. Don't give up!
  8. Thanks Livingdeadguy, you've been of a great help. I will keep everyone updated as it goes.
  9. I think I might do the same. I have received the copies of statement of all my SAR. Now my only problem is how do I work out the APR as it is not on the statements. Any help with that? How do I convert monthly interest such as 1.461% to annual APR rate?
  10. Hi Alanalana, Thank you for your reply. Is it possible to merge my two threads and keep the title Aman23 V barclaycard? Also is there any template for letters to send to the FSA and the ICO?
  11. Hi LivinDeadGuy, Thanks for the reply. It is good to know that your a not alone. So what do you suggest: straight to the FOS or to the County Court or drop the request of CCA and pursuit the claim for PPI?
  12. Hi everyone! I thought I'll start a new thread with the latest update. I sent of a SAR couple weeks ago. In their first reply Bcard said that the account was out of scope. Then I sent my second letter with the £10 as I did not do it first time. Subject Access Request received in form of copies of my statements this Saturday. It's just a print out of copy of statement with no APR printed out to help me calculate the amount I need to reclaim. I would appreciate if someone could tell me how to work out the correct APR from the following purchase rates: 1.461% 1.599% 1.667% 2.075% (Hi PF
  13. Hi everyone! This is the latest update from my thread: for my SAR I received copies of my statements this Saturday. It's just a print out of copy of statement with no APR printed out to help me calculate the amount I need to reclaim. I would appreciate if someone could tell me what was Barclaycard Cash Annual Rate for the following date: October 2004/ August 2004/ May 2005 and May 2006. Now the credit card account was opened in 1999 but they only sent copy of statements since September 2003 to August 2009. How do I request those back to 1999? I also requested my CCA for the account and I rec
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