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  1. hi i was wondering if anyone could help me. i had an interview under caution 5 weeks ago for my dla claim. they think my claim was fraud. I am disabled and suffer from mobility, emotional and memory problems. These can differ everyday, i have good days, bad days and awful days, i can have a good morning and then feel awful that afternoon.I can have a few weeks of feeling 80% ok and then have a flair up and be house bound for days! As i am only 32 i try and have as much of a life as i can, i work p/t, i try and walk around town even if i know i will suffer the following day and then can't move for a few days. They are saying i should have reported a change in my circumstances, but there aren't any. They filimed me about 4/5 times for around 20min/40 mins at a time over a 1 week period, yes i was working or walking, maybe i was having a good week, i would have suffered afterwards due to doing this but what else am i meant to do?? i need a life!!! The trouble is after this interview i have been really bad, i now use my stick 80% of the time, i also now have to use a wheelchair if not using me stick, i don't go out on my own, i haven't been back to work since as im in so much pain, i now have depression and high blood pressure that i never had before. I am stuck at home all day with nothing to do as i can't go out on my own, i am sleeping more during the day, i have neck pain, leg pain and really bad back pain that the gp is now reffering me back to the hospital for more tests. They have now suspended my benefits while they wait to make a decision. I don't know what to do? I feel like making a complaint but not sure who to. I phoned DLA the other day as i didn't get my money and had,had no letter. The man said i was told not to contact them, i never was! They said they sent a letter end of march, i never got it! At the end of the conversation the man said it was being recorded, aren't they meant to tell me this before hand? Please help me anyway you can, as i am so depressed about this, i have been through hell with my syndrome the last 3 years and was starting to feel a little better some times, then this happens! They have put me back so much, sometimes i don't see the point in carrying on now as i am a burden to my husband,friends and children. Thanks for reading and sorry it was so long. xxx
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