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  1. Ok it went very badly as expected,the judge and there solicitor got on very well though! I explained that i had been given the wrong information regarding the court and only had a days notice to which the judge replied "well your here now arent you" There solicitors started by claiming i had not kept up with various payment arrangements,which was easily dismissed as i have my accounts showing all the payments were made on time and every time the payments were stopped it wasnt by me as money was in my account and not taken by the usual direct debit, Stupidly i assumed that may go in my favo
  2. Thanks for the info,im relieved its not set in stone,the original paperwork does say lewes but it also states that this could be subject to change,so when i contacted the solicitors for an adjournment to which they agreed and stated the case number and the court as brighton and even wrote to brighton to ask for the adjournment! i presumed the court had been changed,im ill prepared but im going to be there at 2 oclock today to argue my case...not that it usually does any good!! Thanks Again Stuart
  3. I thought it had been adjourned as i wrote to the solicitor and they confirmed in writing that they where happy to do this and that they had contacted the court and that i should do the same,however the court they wrote to was brighton as they stated it was at brighton i to wrote to brighton county court and presumed it was ok. Unfortunately this morning (3rd April)i recieved the solicitors bill of £505.00 for the summary judgment taking place 4th april at LEWES county court!!! I called the solicitors this morning and they laughed and said they couldnt stop the action with such short notice.
  4. Hi Marc I tried emailing but no joy,do you have a postal address for andy? Cheers Stuart
  5. Hi Im sorry im afraid i cant get these documents to send,is there a postal address you could give me? Many Thanks Stuart
  6. Thanks Guys The court date is the 4th april. The payment agreement was verbal and was for £10 a month my first £10 payment was made on 27/1/2007,however on the 9/2/2007 £260.28 was taken from my account followed by an agreed £10 payment on the 5/4/2007 followed by a payment of £259.76 6 days later! then on the 8/5/2007 until 7/7/2008 i continued making my regular payments on the 4/8/2008 they took £75 followed by my agreed sum of £10 the day after? Without wanting to bore you further i have all my statements showing ive kept up with all my payments, interestingly the payments
  7. Hi Bankfodder thanks for your help. Today i spoke to blair oliver and scott who where extremely unhelpful when i asked for information on my original payment agreement which started in 2007 basically saying i continually broke the agreement. The original credit card agreement started in 2003 and was a halifax platinum card i used the card without issue until my partner left with the kids in 2007. The current balance is around £6200, charges according to the mass of statements they have sent me are around £1000 and range from £5 upto a £190 legal fee, there also many cash adv
  8. Hello everyone, I have a 2003 halifax credit card,i got into arrears a few years ago and the account was managed by blair oliver. I was paying £15 a month off a balance of around £6600 i didnt miss any payments but because i bank with the halifax they would sometimes take lump sums from my account without any notice, everytime i called and explained that i needed the money to pay bills etc the money would be returned. This "Setting off" then stopped,and so did my payment plan. I kept getting letters telling me my payments had not been made despite the arrangement and money stil
  9. Hiya, Unfortunately almost all my interaction with the agents and surveyor has been verbal,the thing that frustrates me the most is there attitude to any of my suggestions to resolve the payment issues. i honestly could have paid all the arrears 2years ago had they let me pay them directly,instead they instruct solicitors,baliffs and take me to court at every opportunity,its got to the stage i dont even know what i owe them.On the rare occasion they reply to my calls they told me i owe £1100(start of nov)then i get a county court judgement for £1418.83 plus £200 costs( £1620) so i called
  10. Thankyou for your swift replies. My flat is a top 3rd floor frontal apartment above shops, with two large bay windows in the lounge and bedroom.The roof structure is a pitched tiled roof forming a loft that i have,the bay windows however are flat roofed with a 2ft wall around them.As for the other flats not all have bay windows and having spoken to the tenant of the next door who has a simple flat frontage,he explained to me that he had water and mould dripping from in and around the windows/lintels.im yet to speak with his landlord,but the tenant told me he was waiting over 12months for
  11. hello everyone. Im hoping someone can help me.... I have a 1 bedroom flat that i rent out as a buy to let property. since may 09 this property has been empty due to massive amounts of damp that have gradually got worse since i purchased it in 2004. i contacted the managing agents in july as whilst redecorating the property large sections of plaster started falling away from the walls.they eventually sent a surveyor in mid august after my many complaints.the surveyor stated it was a very serious damp problem,and one that had been previously found in many other flats in the block at
  12. Hi s.f.u Good guess! my original egg card balance was around 4500,and as you rightly say, on digging out my agreement it clearly states "approved limit" ive also read on here that their loan agreements circa 2004 were also flawed:mad:
  13. Hi m&m I wish i knew about this site then! My agreements are from 2003 & 2004,I read on here that the reason egg gave the loan was because the egg card agreement was so flawed:mad:
  14. Hi all i too am watching with interest,last year i fought a losing battle with egg/dlc .....in truth between them they both drove me to throw in the towel.in 2004 whilst using and paying off my egg credit card,i was phoned to be told i was pre approved for a £17,000 egg loan @7.9%,at that time things were going well and i accepted. 3 years later a divorce and custody battle threw a spanner in the works. I worked hard with my creditors and was fortunate with all bar egg,they would not accept my reduced payment offer and instantly involved DLC.it was apparent from the start that DLC simp
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