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  1. Sorry not sure if I have missed something what testc ase as we referring to here
  2. bello217

    CCA and PPI

    Hi Slick Thank you for your help. Was I right that there was a case where this happened I am trying to find it but can't anyone know? Thanks
  3. bello217

    CCA and PPI

    Hello I have posted this in this forum but if in wrong place please advise. I read somewhere that if you have a claim for PPI it means that the credit agreement is also as a matter of course unenforceable. Is this correct? Can anyone guide me on this issue as I dont want to accept PPI refund and then find I could have gottne a declaration that the whole balance was not enforceable thnak you
  4. how will we know if we can claim compound interest as this bit puzzles me, can someone please kidnly explain this bit thanks
  5. thanks DX your a star very grateful for your help
  6. Hi DX Thanks for a prompt response. Could I also ask you must I claim for each one seperately or must they be claimed together thanks
  7. Hello I have a Barclays loan and it has PPI on it. I had the claim reviewed with a company that said it could write off the loan and get my PPI back. Is this possible as I have not got a clue about how to begin claiming it back. Could anyone help me please. thank you
  8. sorry what is this in full Regs 5 and 6 CPUTR 2008 many thanks
  9. thanks Magda Have just put post on that thread, must admit I am struggling to find my way around this site a bit as the threads are not easy to follow
  10. Hi I wonder if PT257 could confirm the details of the case that is due to be heard in Cardiff and when I have an Egg agreement which in the first instanc seemed enforcebale so I have been paying it but if this menas I mkay be able to challenge it then I am reLLY INTERESTED IN HEARING WHAT HAPPENS MANY THANKS
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