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  1. Here are the other pages they sent me, from general credit card conditions there are about another 4 pages so have just posted the last, not signed anywhere.crapquest2.pdf crapquest3.pdf crapquest4.pdf
  2. Hi Clemma, trying to scan on other bits they sent, having probs at the mo. They have also sent a 4 page doc which says is a copy of your agreement, it has on it key financial information, other financial information and parties to this agreement and other terms and conditions, will hopefully get it up here soonest so you can have a look.
  3. Thanks for your reply Elsa, They have sent all the statements on the account for the last 10 years thats how I had found out the mistake on the final payment by the debt company so looks like I have saved myself £10. will work my way through them and add it all up, or would it be worth sending one off anyways, to give me that extra bit breathing space to get the money together if it is enforceable.
  4. does this cca look enforceable.
  5. Here is a copy of the form they sent back to me. What would a subject access request do?crapquest.pdf
  6. Doh!!! Thought I had paid this debt of in 2006 with a debt company I was with. Used my redundancy money to pay of a number of creditors with this debt company and paid them a nice sum for doing so, now I have had my cca back from capquest and it looks as if they paid this debt short by £72, moved after I had paid this so recieved no letters stating this was still due. Looks like they sent through the proper docs as well, will try and post them up here just to make sure. A well you cant win them all, thanks for all who took time to reply and best regards for the future.
  7. thanks harrased senior, as soon as I get any thing through from them I will post on here.
  8. Many thanks for your help Morph, found some good stuff there.
  9. Sorry another question, if and when they reply to the cca exactly what information should they return.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Exactly the same letter that thay sent me, should I now do the same and send of the account in dispute letter. Also does anyone know what I can do about the default they have put on my credit file.
  11. Hi Cap quest reckon that they have bought a debt off of the bank of Scotland with regards a sterling visa card I had, now this card was paid of in 2006 with which I have sent them proof but they reckon it's not good enough. They have also put a default on my credit file reference this so called debt, so I sent off a CCA request on the 8th of Apr, got a reply from them dated the 9 th of APR a week later saying the account was on hold for 28 days while they obtain the information and asking that I send them further proof of payments and correspondence. What is the actual time limit for them to
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