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  1. Hi I intend to file county court cases in respect of few credit agreements that were either unsigned or not existing at all. I need somebody's copy of similar cases that was lodged in court or any template of the grounds, statutory sections and cases to support my claim against the creditors/lenders. I have read a lot of people's postings and seen few bundles, but most are for bank charges, I need a template skeletal arguement for unenforceable credit agreement which set out these grounds, including unfair relationship, irresponsible lending, unsigned and illegible agreements, etc. I am s
  2. Hi ALL Please I want to file in an application to contest validity of the above credit agreement based on illegibility as advised. Now I don't know where to start, since this is not a claim but to declare unenforceability. Can someone please advise me which forms and the processes and the grounds to state including the "Strict Proof" advised. Thanks Credware
  3. Please this is to remind you guys especially cerberusalert, dpick, noomill060 and those that I referenced the last time about the above credit agreement. Meanwhile, I have since got the subject access request and still the same agreement that was provided. The lender insisted it is enforceable. The advise I need now is that, if I'm to challenge this in court on the grounds of illegibility, will that be enough ground to convince the judge? Would the judge not be upset that I am trying to waste their time or think I'm just being unreasonable? I'm sorry if this sounds like a novice, just th
  4. Hi guys Please find attached 3 different CCA, can you good people anayse and advise me if there is anything wrong or any contestable anomaly with them. They are among some of my collections that need be sorted. I will also welcome comments from moderators as well. Regards Credware FCA.pdf MSCA.pdf uca.pdf
  5. Thank you Cerberusalert. I think writing a letter before court action will be better at the moment and if they failed still, I will go for the IC choice. Should I then ask M & S to produce the original, which I definitely know would not suffice or I should go straight and start the court action. Please what should I ask the court to do? Declare unenforceability if no original or make what claim, etc. Sorry with my confusion of line of action. Regards Credware
  6. Hi moderators, thank you for your hardwork helping people out of miseries. Please I'm still expecting reply for the SAR request I made re: the barclays CCA above. But could anyone tell me what to do if they exceeded the 40 days limit, eventhough they sent letter that they will still get in touch? Secondly, I have attached another agreement from M & S, could guys investigate and advise if it is enforceable. This is according to them, the executed copy, because it came with the SAR, and do I do after the SAR receipt from them? Expecting your contribution. Thanks always C
  7. Hi cds. Please I think I have opened a new thread on the above after attaching pdf file from your advise. Thanks
  8. Thank you for this beautiful site. I might have wrongly posted my message in an ongoing thread without attachment. Thanks to cds for his response. I have now attached on a new thread the pdf file of that agreement. Please I have requested the CCA which came after 42 working days. I then wrote a letter confirming the lapse of time which renders the agreement unenforceable and moreso disclosed that the agreement seems not conform with the CCA 1974 requirements. Later they acknowledged and promise to address the letters as complaints and ask for more time to reply. They finally reply and apologis
  9. Thanks for your response. Plz how do I post or attach the agreement here?
  10. Hi guys. I had this CCA which I requested the agreement from the lender, they failed to send the stuff within 14 working days plus another 30 working days expired. They now sent the agreement after the expiry of 42 days. Meanwhile, the agreement does not fully conform with the CCA 1974, but then is it still enforceable now? and what do I do next? They threatened me with arrears and MOJ warnings. Is this right? Please help. Credware
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