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  1. Myy hours of work column states *Your working week will be Monday-Sunday as roistered. The employee will be required to work day and night shifts as instructed by the Employer in accordance with duty roster. You may be required to work overtime if and when this to be necessary to complete your duties and you will be paid your basic hourly rate for such overtime. *You will not get paid for any time you do not work, for instance any unauthorised days absent due to illness or otherwise. *You agree that the limit on your working hours of no more than an average of 48 hours over a 17-week per
  2. I work as a security officer and was employed by Company A in May 2006 I was on zero hours contract with no permanent place of work but five years ago they put me in one of the site permanently from where I was Tupe'd over to Company B in January 2010. In April 2011, I was again Tupe'd over to Company C which honoured all the terms I had in the contract with Company A but added a permanent place of work. Just yesterday when I turned up at work, I found myself (and others) with new contracts to sign with contract start date on Monday 18th of Feb. There has been no prior consultation b
  3. Thanks for the reply I agree to what you mean that tax and NI are correct for 45 days pay but what happens to the tax/NI that I paid last month? Surely I've already paid tax/ni on part of this 45 days pay amount last month, do I get it back? If yes then how? Also, I've confirmed tax declaration issue with one my mate accountant and he's also saying that this isn't right as software doesn't make that kind of mistake so we'll see. I've emailed my payroll for a hard copy and next email to them would be a threat to get my money back or payslips go to HMRC. Let's hope for the best.
  4. Also, another thing I noted whilst going through my payslips Till 15th of December my gross pay was 15316 on which I paid Tax £1941.20 and NI 1187.76 then I paid 432.60 towards tax and 262.32 towards NI this month due to accumulated tax but my payslip shows After 31st of December my gross pay was 16422 (added 1106 for 15 days which is fine) but total Tax TD is £2162.40 and NI TD is 1320.72. Which means, even tho i got 432.60 tax and 262.32 NI deducted from my payslip, my tax to date amount doesn't reflect that. In fact it just reflects part of the amount for both. Should
  5. Hi and thank you for your interest. This is the accumulated payslip that we got --> http://i39.tinypic.com/esq8mu.jpg Total pay in bank for 16 days: £751.84 This is what I calculated for these 16 days if it was not accumulated with last month pay --> http://i39.tinypic.com/2ezqo46.png I can't find my last month payslip right now but the hours and tax in that payslip are correct if we accumulate 45 days payslip together. The only issue here is that because of that stupid accumulation we had to pay tax on last month pay again. If you need any help with these please let
  6. thanks for the reply ---- yes we did agree to it but they promised that it won't affect us in any way. ---- in the bank I got £660 for 16 days where I should have got 1100+ but because of excess tax I got paid short. Also we didn't get a separate payslip for 16 days, instead we got an accumulated payslip in which they combined previous months pay and these 16 days pay. Bear in mind that we did receive a 30 day upayslip last month already, on which we paid tax and NI. What I still don't understand is how can they tax us on previous month's pay again by adding it to 16 days pa
  7. Hi and thanks to everyone in advance. I have a little problem with my pay this month and want to see if anyone here can help me sort this out. Our normal pay cycle used to be from 16th to 15th of every month and we used to get paid on 25th From this month our company thought it'd be better if they pay us from 1st to 30th/31st of each month and pay date be 5th of every month.. Sounds good but now its all gone tits up. We got paid on 25th of December (for 16th Nov to 15th Dec) normally and then got paid on 5th for 16 days (16th of dec to 31st of Dec). For some reason they added
  8. [iD]


    No there was no PPI involved with the card. I guess you're right and I should try to pay it off one way or another. Thanks a lot for your response
  9. Loan amount I took out was £5000 and I was told by bank that I paid back £7195.75 in total, Now I'm not sure if thats including loan protection as they wouldn't tell me. I guess I'll send a SAR request as well just to see how much the actual amount is and if it's worth the hassel really. Thank you for your advice
  10. Nice one! I have just sent the letter with the questionnaire. Let's see what they say I'm pretty sure they'll refuse the claim straight away Is there any way I can get a rough estimate of how much I paid since my bank wouldn't tell me the actual amount for PPI
  11. [iD]


    Thank you for your response Slick and yes I joined this forum long ago but never thought I would in the position I am now. I understand what you mean by being an online application is a problem but don't we have to sign the agreement when we get the card with credit limit and apr mention on it? I'm pretty sure I have never done that. Also, I received a call from a company so 'specialise' in writing your debt off and I was asked if i ever signed anything with the bank specially in the start and when they kept on increasing my credit limit every year. Does that make any difference at all
  12. [iD]


    Hi there I have a Barclaycard which I took out on December 2005. It was an online application and I really can't remember if I signed anything at all. Initial credit limit was something around £2500 and it has gone up to £8000 with current balance of £7300. Due to some personal circumstances and salary cuts I'm really struggling to keep up with the debt. Though I have still managed to pay minimum amount every month and never been slapped a penalty. My aim is to at least minimize the current balance to something I can afford without having a negative affect on my credit history.
  13. Hi and I must say it's a lovely forum. I took a loan out with HSBC back in Oct 2006 and I believe I was mis-sold since I wasn't made aware of certain terms. I have already paid the loan+ppi back in 2009. I contacted HSBC yesterday to get some information about my PPI and they don't seem to be able to tell me how much I paid for that. All they told me was the reference number and account number for the loan. If I'm correct for the starter I have to send them a letter expressing that the PPI was mis-sold and I need my money back; I've written a letter and would really appreciate if any
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