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  1. Hi Been with Talktalk 7 years until an issue with broadband which left me with no internet at all. I reported the fault and the fault was not fixed after 2 weeks and spending 5 hours of my time on the phone to their highly trained help lines.! I told them i wanted the fault fixed in the following two days or i was going to change providers ! the rep told me he did not care !!. I went to BT who reconnected everything no problem without sending out an engineer to the house. Now Talktalk have sent me a bill for over £700 for breaking contract ! i would have thought it was them who br
  2. In the last year she has paid 12 x £200 = £2400 The balance has dropped by less than £200. She has paid at regular intervals even though she has told them we are in financial difficulties they are reluctant to set up any plan to help in any way.
  3. The firm asking for the arrears is called GLOBAL VANTEDGE anybody had dealings with them?
  4. Its 14 days since i sent the cca request and have heard nothing other than MBNA saying they are chasing the arrears on my wifes account but no agreement has surfaced. What now. ?
  5. My wife has an credit card account with MBNA. The balance is £8000 and she is paying them £200 per month and only £15 is coming off the balance at this rate it will take arround 40 years to pay it off. Have cca'd them to see if they can come up with the paperwork as it is an old agreement. They will not offer us any ways so that more of the £200 pounds come off the balance. I think this is mad !!
  6. The financial ombubsman investigation is still ongoing and have heard nothing more from IJ. But would you believe it ! Wesscott are now chasing the debt you gotta hand it to the RBS for bloody cheek. ! I have decided to reclaim the charges from the RBS just to keep them on their toes.
  7. CITI CARDS CITIFINANCIAL PO BOX 49930 LONDON SE5 7XT That was the address everything went to no problems !! good luck:p
  8. I am now getting mail from Wescott, Iqor, + HBOS all chasing the same debt. I will send HBOS a letter to see who in fact owns the debt and ask why i am getting hassle off all these cretins. ?
  9. Result ! Citi cards back down and offer to pay up in full + interest :)
  10. Have got financial ombudsman involved in reclaiming charges issue see what they come up with before i take court action.
  11. Have passed all the details of the case on to the Financial Ombudsman Service including copies of all the letters. Will see what they make of it all.?
  12. Have had Wescot on the phone told them to put it all in writing.
  13. IJ have answered an my letter of complaint and account in dispute letter by saying they have told me how to get a copy of the cca by contacting the RBS directly. IJ keep refering to an arrangement i made to make payments on the account and that they are still awaiting a further installment. I have made payments to IJ in the past but they always asked for more money and said i could afford to pay more. ! The manager who sent the letter tends to think IJ have done nothing wrong. ! I have also sent RBS a letter demanding answers to the concerns over IJ's handling of the matter and told th
  14. Iqor have supplied the signed credit agreement so i thought i was beat but then i got a demand from Wescot demanding payment on the same account. Whats going on. ?
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