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  1. Only once, after I sent the prelim. They offered me £250 - I replied with the LBA and heard nothing after that!!
  2. OMG!!!! Halifax paid up - came home from work to find 2 cheques - one for the fees, the other for interest. I am one seriously happy bunny. A big thank you to all who helped in anyway. I will lodge the cheques tomorrow and make a donation once they clear. I always thought I would be the one that they wouldn't pay up for - looks like I was wrong. One down, 2 to go!!! Good luck to everyone! PS - can someone please change my thread to WON!!
  3. honey28

    Honey v MBNA

    Bit of a delay in doing so but I filed my claim against MBNA online today. I did warn em!
  4. Perfectly. I had no reply to my prelim or LBA and filed my claim against them this week. I imagine they will reply to that!!
  5. honey28

    Honey v MBNA

    Got a nice letter from our friends at MBNA today offering me £75 as a goodwill gesture. Oh dear MBNA, too little too late. Off to file my claim now - wish me luck!
  6. honey28

    Honey v MBNA

    Sent a little reminder email to our good friend Gareth reminding him that tomorrow is claim day - no reponse as yet. I will check post in morning and go ahead with claim if nothing received.
  7. honey28

    Sev v MBNA

    Great news and delighted for you. Its been a rough ride but you rode it out!
  8. Claim lodged online today for £216 in charges and £65.42 interest
  9. Well done Ginnser. I'm from NI too - lodged my claim against Halifax online last week, got the acknowledgement from Laganside Court today, swiftly signed and in return post!
  10. Well Done - I have just sumbitted my online claim today so its great to read this - its daunting doing the court claim part, but reading stories like this is worth it!! Enjoy your sons birthday!
  11. honey28

    Honey v MBNA

    Update to keep me right - LBA read by Gareth Tunnicliffe 3/8/06. Time up 17/8/06 then claim.
  12. Well, Ive done it - I've lodged my claim online against Halifax using the NI court serivce. Scary stuff!
  13. Ok, so today is 8 Aug and nothing further from Halifax. I will go ahead with my claim. Anyone got any advice/tips for N I claim?
  14. Update to self! LBA snet 29 July. Claim to be filed if no response on 15 Aug.
  15. honey28

    Honey v MBNA

    Thanks Welly. I emailed the LBA to him today and have done as I did with the Prelim and requested a " read receipt".
  16. honey28

    Honey v MBNA

    I emailed my prelim to Gareth Tunnicliffe on 20 July, I got the usual we need 28 days response... Tomorrow is the date to issue LBA - should I email it or post it? I originally had gone down the road of emailing (only with MBNA) as its just a small amount and I hoped to tempt them to settle early! What do you guys think?
  17. I think you may have outdone yourself on the interest. Did you use the spreadsheet to calculate it or did you just do 8% of your total claim??
  18. I didnt get my statements until almost the last day. I was cracking up - I'm not a patient person!!
  19. Thanks. I'm not quite at the stage yet - just reading ahead so I know what I am doing when the time comes. I will PM you nearer the time!
  20. Can I ask you a quick question Lickthewallfatboy? Is the way you work out the interest different because we are in NI. I had a look at the library and it makes a lot of reference to England and Scotland being different? How did you work out your interest? And did you lodge your claim in person in Belfast? Oops, that was 3 questions
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