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  1. I have been left alone for a year, today out the blue I got a call from Link chasing this debt. Could someone look at the attached file (cca request.doc) in post #1 to see if this is a vaid agreement. If not what should my next course of action be?
  2. they appear to have sent the orginal CCA and also latter one. The orginal one shows no similarity to the first page scanned, where most of the writing is fuzzy, so do I also dispute the CCA as being not a true and accurate copy? for the CCA request can this be a copy of agreement at the data the card agreement was made and provide a copy of the current terms of the card agreement? I find it concerning that the signed credit agreement to be unreadable in places and RBS think this is acceptable.
  3. there were other documents that I missed off they appear to have sent the latest- credit agreement see attached. sorry for not including previously. What do you suggest now? other docs.pdf
  4. Today I recieved the CCA from Mint- See attached. I have a few quesions relating to this. 1. Is the CCA enforceable- the sections on the bottom right- data protection act and credit agreement are mostly unreadable. Is this an enforcable CCA? 2. Look at the back page of the CCA. This is suppose to be the back of the CCA agreement but looks to be from a different scan. I dont think this was scanned at the same time as the front page. The scan is much clearer. As this is a standard back page I think this is not the orginal scan. (both these scans were at 300DPI) 3. For t
  5. Interesting the part about- CPUTR 2008, the DCA has tried to collect the debt while the debt is in dispute and no CCA, any suggestions what to do next?
  6. Thanks for the prompt responses, I have 2 letters chasing for the debt even though they have not produced a CCA. how recently did the law change regarding your comment about the consequences for the DCA. "Non, up until recently they committed an offence if they did not produce it within a further 30 days "
  7. In March last year I requested a CCA for a loan from a DCA. Nothing was forthcoming so 2 weeks later I sent another letter to the DCA saying the account was in dispute ( both letters from your templates library). I have since moved and now I am being chased by the DCA. The DCA called today saying they have the CCA agreement but posted to the old address, and are now post to my new address. The questions I have are: 1. I thought there was a limit of 12 working days to produce the CCA. The DCA said this was not the case, at that point I asked if the phone call was recorded- i
  8. see: http://www.thedisputeservice.co.uk/resources/files/TDS-E-A5-DPS.pdf look at the last item. So it looks if there is a limit to return the deposit. For that reason is the LL in breach of the act? What are the requirements in the Housing Act 2004? • Any landlord or agent who takes a deposit from a tenant for an Assured Shorthold Tenancy must safeguard it in an approved tenancy deposit scheme... • ...and the tenant must be told which one. • The deposit must be in money. • Landlords in breach of these provisions will not be able
  9. the letting agent is holding the deposit as a stakeholder, they refuse to release it until the LL signs the release papers. The LL is not doing this.
  10. The tds scheme says where there is no dispute at the end of the tenancy, the deposit should be returned promptly by whoever is holding it. As there was no dispute then the money should have been returned promotly; It does not mention reasonable time it mentions promptly. see: http://www.thedisputeservice.co.uk/resources/files/TDS-E-A5-DPS.pdf if there was a dispute that should have been raised within 20 working days. As 20 working days has now passed I cannot see how the LL is complaint with the TDS. comments?
  11. I have found a fantastic article http://www.nus.org.uk/PageFiles/3080/Deposit_Recovery_Pack.pdf maybe someone could put this as a sticky as it deal will all issues with deposits. So it looks like the LL will have to pay deposit and x3 deposit too. I am preparing the court papers now. I will keep posted on what happens.
  12. there has been no issues listed from the LL. We paid the money rent + deposit though a letting company, they have been very quick to say nothing to do with us as they only collect the money and not manage the property. As the housing act states money must be reutrned within 20 days if there is no dispute, what implications does this have to the LL and the letting agency. I thought the act was suppose to stop rogue LL's.
  13. We have moved out of a rented house, the deposit was protected by the TDS, its now 22 working days since moving out and the LL has not signed to release the deposit. There was no inventory for the house, so a check out was not performed. What do I do next to get the deposit back? Ian
  14. Recently our landlord served us with notice as she wants the property back. Therefore we have to be out by 5/1/10. She did this immediately after we refused her entry to do an extra inspection. She had told us she was comming on the Thursday, I immediately told her that would be inconvenient, and arranged for her to come the following Monday. She arrived on the Thursday and I refused to let her in. Next day we had notice to quit. A couple of days ago we had a letter saying she was bringing people to view the property today. I refused to let her in, and closed the porch door on her. She
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