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  1. Thanks for the reply. I thought it had to be nonsense and told the person on the enquiry desk that if that was their official stance I would be contacting everyone I can think of. Looked ludicrous but just thought I'd ask.
  2. Good evening all, My Father held three accounts at Nationwide. After his recent death, I visited the local branch to notify them and to take a death certificate by way of notification. I have to apply for probate, but in the months this may take, Nationwide quite appropriately freeze the accounts. When I asked what happened to the interest on the frozen accounts, the Nationwide person said they retain the interest; as the accounts are now frozen, they do not accrue interest any longer. I have 2 questions for anyone able to help: 1. Is this correct? 2. Why is i
  3. http://www.bluefingroup.co.uk/home/about-us/ This was the Bluefin which morphed from SBJ Benefit Consultants I used to work with in terms of our company pension. Whether they have split far and wide I don't know as I haven't been involved with them for about 4 years. Companies change hands so quickly these days.
  4. Just in case it helps, SBJ became Bluefin, part of the AXA group of companies.
  5. You have 4 weeks until a job change, only you can decide whether you want to go through the grievance process or let it go until you move jobs. If you decide to raise a grievance, you should sent it to the named people in the procedure, which will probably be either the senior manager, HR or both. I wouldn't send any grievance further than the procedural requirement.
  6. If this does become law at some point in the near future, I expect there to be notification of an effective date and no liability for retrospective claims.
  7. When you say the manager will be present, do you mean chairing the appeal hearing or just being part of it? He should be attending to give the reasons why the decision to dismiss was taken.
  8. So did you contact your bank as suggested by payroll? What did your bank say? When a salary is allocated to an account which doesn't exist, the bank will place the amount into a suspense account and eventually return it to the employer. If you contact your bank with details of the amount and date in order to verify you are entitled to the money, the bank may allocate the money to your account instead of returning to the employer. I have personal experience of wrong numbers which can be resolved by contacting the bank providing you do it promptly, not several days later as the m
  9. I've read through the OP several times and I don't want to put a spanner in the works as I am making a few assumptions here. 1. Is he a contractor on a site? 2. Is there anywhere else he could work if his company relocated him? I see he has asked but what was the response? The reason I ask is because I have been in the situation where we had an employee working on a contract, but the site manager removed security clearance as he believed the person to be a risk. After following procedures, and having nowhere else to locate the employee we had to dismiss on SOSR. Now
  10. Taken from the old BERR website: How long will it be before I can expect my money? If your employer is paying the redundancy, then it should be paid on the last day that you work or as soon as is possible; if there is to be any lengthy delay, then it must be agreed with the employee. If the employee feels that they are having to wait too long, then they can take the employer to an Employment Tribunal. The key to this is the 'as soon as possible.' When I processed redundancy payments in the past, if it was only a week before the payroll run, I would wait until then as
  11. I think you may have been confused with waiting days as entitlement to SSP.
  12. If you are to respond, I don't think you need to go into the detail of the case. Personally I would acknowledge receipt of the message and state that you do not agree with their view of the case. Whilst you would be willing to consider a settlement, any offer should be realistic. I would go no further than that.
  13. Can we just backtrack please because I am not seeing what some others are. Unless I am just not reading this correctly the OP hasn't been dismissed, it appears the meeting with HR could have been the investigation meeting particularly as no action was taken. There is no automatic right to allow accompaniment at an investigation meeting, if that's what it was. There are more details needed really to establish the basis of the meeting and whether the OP has been told what is happening next. You could ask your consultant for confirmation in writing of the injury, what sym
  14. As Stu has said above, please remove the FB page. You may think it private but it very easily becomes public should any colleague pass on information from the page.
  15. I have to ask what you are trying to achieve. As stated in other posts, I don't believe there is a legal obligation to provide the details but if you make a complaint from Canada, what remedy are you seeking?
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