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  1. That's a glimmer of hope I wasn't expecting. Fingers crossed until then. Thank you.
  2. Morning, I've IMGUR'd scans of the SAR page that shows the default date & Lowell purchase date, as well as the letter from Lowells. The line at the bottom of the letter that says they've removed the default is not true. I've checked my report daily since I got the letter... it's still there. Scans
  3. I did action post 8, yes. They sent me a letter on day 13 saying "we need more time to investigate"... I'll check all the details when I get home and while I'm at it I'll scan in all the relevant paperwork. Thanks
  4. Hi all, Figured this was the right place to post this as I seem to be entering the purely "Legal" side of this situation. I'll try to be brief: Loan taken with HFC bank in 2007 Defaulted Oct 2008 - No payments made since. Debt sold to Lowells in 2011 who look to have re-defaulted it. Lowells try to take me to court August 2015. Sent request to send copies of my credit agreement (never received). SAR sent to HFC for all account details (received 51 days later). Lowells fail to deliver any goods and send a Notice of Discontinuance in December 2015. Default is still on
  5. It was when HFC finally responded to my SAR request that I was able to pinpoint exact dates, so here's the abridged version of events: Loan agreement signed: 09/06/2007 Term: 60 months Default date (From SAR): 31/08/2008 (not June... oops) Sold to Lowell: 13/01/2012 Default date on credit file: 23/01/2012 Claim form (CCBC): 04/08/2015 The HFC/Hamilton PPI is something I've not really looked at... wanted to get this CCJ nipped in the bud first! PPI amount is £842.40 (481.95 before interest). I intend to browse these forums over the weekend to see how I go about claiming. Any
  6. First time posting. I want to thank this site and everyone on it! Beginning of August I received a notice from CCBC that Lowells (via BWLegal) were beginning court proceedings against me for ~£6500 (HFC Bank loan from mid 2007, defaulted 2008). Lowell bought the debt in 2012 and re-defaulted it! I had spoken to them shortly after explaining that I had tried to renegotiate my monthly repayments with HFC but they outright refused and ignored all letters I sent their way - loan was then defaulted June 2008. Lowells apparently ignored all this and just sent bailiff
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