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  1. Thank you all, I am feeling alot more confident and happier. You all have a great Bank Holiday Weekend:)
  2. Thanks again United Front. So basically, Capquest are trying it on in the hope that they will get some payment from us by using threatening tatics such as bankrupcy. If the debt is over 6 years they can not bankrupt him. Have I got that right? I will send that letter to them and take Lilly Whites advice and tell them to bog off!
  3. Hi LillyWhite No receipt as such but I am sure I could find a copy of the payment on a bank statement if needed.
  4. Thank you United Front. There was a 6 year gap where he made no payment or acknowledged the debt. So the debt is SD. What do I do about this bankrupcy threat and how do I stop them making these threats? Feeling alot less worried thank you all Blossom
  5. Yes it is over 6 years and is stature barred. But Capquest claim that my partner paid a total of 150 pounds on in June 08. He did not pay the money to them for this debt but for the debt which the charge on the house. However, Capquest are claiming the money was paid to this debt.
  6. Thanks Lilly White I will send the CCA off straight away to Capquest and wait for them to respond. What do I do about this statutory demand they say they have sent but we have not recieved? I am really worried as I do not understand this legal process. Blossom
  7. Can I be forced to sell my house if Capquest do make my partner bankrupt considering I own 90% of the house. The debt in question, was taken out by him 10 years ago when we were not together and for a business I had no part in. What should I do to protect my home? Can Capquest do this after 10 years?
  8. No we haven't been to court at all and no CCJ's are on the credit file for either debt. The charge order against the house is for another debt and not this one, but was dealt with by Capquest. Blossom
  9. We have checked my partners credit history and there is no CCJ for this debt on his file. Yes the charge on the house is for another debt, which Capquest fooled him into thinking it was from now and not 10 years ago! We have not received anything from Capquest other several phone calls and than this letter today that HL Legal sent on Capquests behalf stating that they are going to bankrupt my partner. Is it too late to send of a CCA request? Should he contact this HL Legal or take the letter to a solicitor? Thanks Blossom
  10. Hi 42man Thank you for replying. The debt was for a loan to Natwest Bank taken out in his name only. the letter I received today says that Capquest sent out a Statutory Demand on March 30th, but we have not received this. The total amount owed is 2500 pounds-ish and no payment has been made for over six years. Capquest contacted my partner a couple of months ago about another amount that he owed to Natwest and he made a payment towards that, which is the 150 pounds. They later placed a charge on the house, so he stopped paying. This new one for 2500 has come out of the blue, with no statutor
  11. My partner is being threatend with bankruptcy by capquest for a debt that is 10 years old. Capquest claim that he has paid 150 pounds off the debt, but that payment was not towards this debt. We own our property but I own 90% and he owns 10%. Can they force me to sell the house to pay off his debts. I am really worried because our daughter is settled here and I love this house. Can someone please help, I really am worried
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