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  1. The amount they charged was exploitative and unfair and now apparently illegal. I dont know whats happening with claims in general at the moment but dont go feeling guilty about their 'good will' You deserve all your money back They cant close your account unless you actually go to court and force them to give the money back (afaik) The concequences of my own claim was they said I should not have a permanent overdraft but they wanted to check my credit score each year to renew it. In fact they have raised the limit because of this though I no longer use it due to their policy of silent charges. Using credit and paying it off on time actually improves your credit score. Ive returned your pm also
  2. Greasypalm didnt send me a cheque because I had a problem with emails over 2 days. Bounced email means they dont send the cheque. Fixed my email and hoping to get the cheque - a month later :/
  3. I just want to find out if anyone has heard of these being used in scams or not. The postal office wont cash the postal order which seems strange to me, they say because its crossed only a bank will accept it and they wont pay it out to cash only into an account which introduces the whole idea of it being reversed 3 weeks later because its something to do with nigeria or something. blah :/
  4. Did you use royal mail ? If you have proof you posted and ebay is treating you as a thief then you should pursue royal mail for not doing what they were paid to do. They should have a claims form you can send off to start the ball rolling. Its inadvisable to use paypal/ebay without a tracking number and/or delivery insurance and yes paypal are gits. You need to speak to them on the phone, can anyone provide the telephone number? They definetly have a callcentre
  5. Im due to receive another cheque from these guys shortly, about 50 quid. Most of that came from renewing my car insurance through them. You have to be very carefull with tracking, Ive had no massive problems but I do have sometimes ask what happened here. The amount Ive lost to bad tracking is about 5 quid, it was luckly just small offers that they could give me no answer to. Another time I missed out on 15 pounds because greasy said the retailer refused to acknowledge the referal. They wont pay out if they dont get the money themselves obviously. In that case I wasnt annoyed as I used to have account with the company and I think they just renewed a dormant account and so nobody gets commision then. Ive used greasy mainly and I'm giving you guys a thumbs up on them still. Quidco do seem competetive, Im still waiting for my cash to come through. I havent used them even half as much but first impressions are they are slower. I did a very nice credit card application cashback thing back in may for 20 pounds and though its been confirmed and validated even, the actual cashback has not been paid and is no where near getting to me. Greasypalm would take about 2 months to pay, a trackback at the end of may would validate in june and be paid at the start of july. Other related sites I can recommend would be Ciao who do surveys and pay you to review products you have bought. The surveys are time consuming but they'll eventually pay you cold hard cash just for saying what you like or not. Good for people who would fill out those useless questionaire things you get in magazines I reckon. You wont get rich off this site. Valuedopinions is another site that pays for surveys. Instead of cash they give you vouchers which doesnt sound great but I got a 10 quid tesco pay card I can use for anything including petrol so thats fine by me. Again you wont earn big bucks here and the surveys are time consuming. All the sites will play off of your credit score and other demographic statistics about yourself. Part of it is partly luck wether its worth the bother or not but they are all genuine imo. I havent tried rpoints, I'll take a look
  6. :o They are side steping but its to be expected. They are saying they have taken action in the last 6 years and are prehaps implying the previous 21 years are outside their juristiction/legacy. Finance accounts for alot of business in this country, it really would be a massive decision to retrospectively change the rules and lumber companies with this 'new ' liability they wont have set aside any funds for. Companies cant vote but they can move their business elsewhere. Its not a fact but the gov might just be acting in everyones best interests. Hence the sidestep:-|
  7. Anyone know if the DSR might apply in this case at all, Im not sure http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/business_leaflets/general/oft698.pdf
  8. Paypal are a nightmare, google are setting up a rival service apparently so hopefully they will provide competetion that is sorely lacking at present
  9. On a sidepoint, its a possibility that the xbox360 is repairable by the end user. The problem is reoccuring due to a design fault by MS however it may not be terminal damage in the right hands (ie. dont throw it away) Stick with the retailer as MS will only charge for a repair afaik
  10. Seems Im on shakey ground as the transaction is below the £100 limit for section 75. I might try and argue it constitutes a partial payment for the ongoing subscription. The CC company wants me to do a conference call, thats not going to be fun. Hopefully at some point, not having received anything in return for my money except the 'free' trial will be in my favour
  11. Nah its definetly a charge. Ive paid everything but the charge and the credit card company seem to be on my side so long as I have received no goods or services except the free trial.
  12. I dont suppose you know of any that do that kind of thing off hand. I'd be interested in knowing more about that kind of process. Egg might be one example?
  13. Seems the line between automatic payments and one offs is not clear to most consumers :/
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