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  1. Hello everyone! Though I should update what is going on with my case . . . Well the last you heard from me my proof hearing was on the 19-Dec. Very close to the proof hearing I found that I had fly abroad for a few weeks and would not be back in time. So I asked a friend to go to court and ask for it to be postponed. Egg did not argue. New proof hearing date was 12-March . . .today!!! So I am just back from court and surprise . . .it has been postponed again due to lack of court time, till June ! But to be fair, the only other case the being heard, the pursuer had flown in from South America. After my hearing Egg’s lawyer asked me to have a coffee with him. No great revelation he just stuck to his points and I to mine. One interesting thing he did say was the by providing data to Credit reference agencies Egg is NOT giving it to third party as they are agents of Egg and as such Egg is not breaching and Data Protection Act rules. In regards to the default notice not being received by me, he stated that it is “Not always required”?!?! As long as they have that they sent it there is nothing to say that Egg have prove that it was delivered . . . So there you have it my story nearly 2 years on from my first letter to Egg! Ohh forgot to mention I am chasing egg for about £350 worth of unlawful charges in addition of default removal. My default was for about 2k'ish now my credit file shows the default as settled with the amount that egg defaulted me on. They told me today taken the unlawful charges (£350) amount off the total defaulted balance on my credit file. Now I have just had a brainwave. If they admit that the defaulted amount was wrong (which I think they have done by taking the £350 off my CRA file) then they admit that the default notice they issued to me was incorrect (as it had wrong amount). Now does this mean that the default notice was invalid?
  2. Well I am just back from the preliminary hearing against egg (again) Spoke to the Lawyer before things go t started. She said that Egg are now happy to move to a full hearing. I agreed. Spoke to Sheriff, who unnervingly said that Summery Clause may not be the right way for the default removal. But he will get someone to find out. The first date was 12-dec but egg lawyer said she has been asked to make it any other day apart from 12-dec. So it is 19-Dec. A day before my birthday! This did disturb me, as it seems Egg want to go the whole way fighting. I have also received their defence will put that up in a day or so.
  3. Well I am just back from the preliminary hearing against egg. The solicitor for egg showed up. She was nice enough, spoke to me beforehand and advised that egg are going to ask for a 2week delay to answer all the points in my summons. She asked me if I would agree. I said no as I have been communicating with egg for well over a year, where all the points in the summons have been raised many times. Also the summons was served on egg 4 weeks ago and that should have been sufficient time to answer the points. We were then called to stand before the Sheriff. He advised me that it would help the court if egg were able to answer all the point before the Hearing. I against laid out my argument against granting them more time. But he sided with egg and set another preliminary hearing for 2 weeks time on 9-Oct. More waiting . . .:o
  4. Thanks Yasmin, The return date was 18th Sept. Egg responded 20mins before close of play on the 18th I am due in court on the 25th to arrange date for preliminary hearing. hondamad
  5. Hi Yasmin, Wanted to wish you best luck. My own preliminary hearing against egg is on 25-Sept. hondamad
  6. Hello, Just wanted to give David Travis's direct line number 0161 869 6055. I called him and was slightly unnerved as he sounded like a decent guy. Last think i expected from citi especially after some of Mr Smith's letters. Hondamad
  7. I like HSBC's chief executives quote . . . "If the courts found against the banks, the industry was likely to start charging customers who wanted more than a basic account." Essentially admitting the banks guilt. Overdraft fees are not meant to subsidise free banking they are meant to be a true reflection of the costs incurred by the bank because of you going over the limit. But instead they have been used as a profit-making tool.
  8. Hi Tracy, Congratulations on receiving the full refund. :D:D Tried to PM you but your inbox is full. hondamad
  9. Hi midland90, Do not get upset. Mr. Smith has a knack of winding people up. I know I have received many letters from him and have tried my best just to laugh them off. He cannot ask for full payment, as I am sure that he knows, when the amount outstanding is in dispute. Can I ask what stage in the letters are you at? Have you sent him the usual letter plus the letter before action? If you have any questions I will help as best as I can. I am currently talking citi to court and hope to meet Mr. Smith on Tuesday for my preliminary hearing. Hondamad
  10. Hi megan, Excellent idea Happened to me, I received the Decree/Warrant, as citi did not file a defence. I then sent them a letter prior to getting the bailiffs to serve them and they responded by saying ohh we never actually received the original summons. If you or the mods need my case number to compile a list let me know. hondamad P.S. I would advise anyone who receives an out of court settlement should apply for a Wasted Costs Order. Click on the link to find out more!
  11. Ohh that sends a shiver down my spine :p:p But seriously I am looking to meeting him or Mr Smith if they come this far north. I want to be able to say once and for all if Mr Smith really does look like Richard Gere hondamad
  12. Well bang on 9am today received another special delivery letter from Mr Davies this time with the cheque included!!! I should say that the chq is not for the amount i am claiming but the difference between £25 they charged and £12 OTF figure.
  13. Hi Robertxc, Yes this is the preliminary hearing. hondamad P.S. mega34 I agree, however the judges must catch on sonner or later (I hope). vbmenu_register("postmenu_919179", true);
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