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  1. Whatever you do do not acknowledge the debt.... check to see when this debt was accrued, if over 6 years they cannot pursue it anyway, if less than 6 and you acknowledge it then they can.
  2. Is this listed on your Bankruptcy? If so the clerk of the court should be advising them of the Bankruptcy. You might have better luck posting this on the bankruptcy board.
  3. Probably the best bet is to tell him that you know he is commiting an offence under the fraud act, demand his bailiff number and certifying court and file a form 4 complaint against him.
  4. Bailiffs can only charge £24.50 for 1st visit and £18 for a second. Have they done a walking possession?
  5. No the council should do that. Never talk to bailiffs and never let them in your house.
  6. Don't worry about the bailiffs and just keep paying the council, if they haven't visited they cannot charge. Just tell your friend to never talk to bailiffs and don't let them in.
  7. I am no expert but I believe that the council should be pursuing your ex if he was on the tenancy agreement.
  8. People say things when they are angry or upset, I once told a bailiff I would defenestrate him, he looked at me blankly.
  9. Have they gained access to your house before and levied? They cannot just turn up with a locksmith as this would be burglery, if they have threatened you with a locksmith then they break the law under the theft acts. Happy Contrails is the best at this sort of thing.
  10. Write them a letter demanding a screenshot of your account, then raise a form four complaint against them, you also need to take all your evidence to the council, demand to see the head of collections and lay it on the line, the council are responsible for the actions of their agents. I think you also need to report this to the police and obtain a crime reference number. Good luck and I hope you bury them.
  11. Interestingly enough I paid a court fine on one of their slips a couple of months after they sent it, they sent a bailiff anyway. I phoned the court payment people and pointed out that it was already paid to the court. They said that the court would return my payment and that I had to deal with the bailiffs. I paid on the 14th April and to date have not had that money returned. I wrote to the bailiffs and told them not to send anyone to my property as I have paid the court but I have heard nothing back from that either.
  12. Bailiff powers - what the bailiff can and cannot do Have a look at this, don't talk to bailiff's you need to speak to your council, if it has been paid that should have recalled the bailiff anyway.
  13. You need a breakdown of fees from the bailiffs, also if he comes back try and record what he is saying, once you have the breakdown of fees and they total more than £24 for 1st visit and £18 for second legally you have them over a barrell. Get his name and certification and lodge a form four complaint, let the council know he is trying to defraud you on their behalf and you will be amazed how quickly they are willing to deal with you.
  14. His charges are illegal, bailiff charges for council tax are 24 for the 1st visit and 18 for the second. Ask the bailiff office for a breakdown of their fees and give them a chance to make an adjustment to £42 total, if they don't file a form 4 complaint against them. Tell your council that the bailiffs are breaking the law on their behalf and that you require the council to take the debt back from the bailiffs. Never let them enter your house.
  15. ask for a breakdown of fees, then dispute them, if they continue then file a form 4 complaint against them at your local court.
  16. Absolute rubbish, get a form 4 complaint if they refuse to give you a breakdown of fees, Council tax = £24 first visit £18 second. Threatening with a locksmith is illegal unless you have already allowed peaceful entry and he has levied. Complain to the council as well telling them that you hold them responsible for £450 of illegal charges, they will soon jump.
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