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  1. Well since I received a faulty DN and sent them my acceptance of their unlawful repudition I have not heard a word from them and it has been quite a while. Check your Default Notices that Vanquis issue.
  2. Hi pinky do you think the OP's DN and mine are similar, sorry for crashing in but I believe that they maybe. http://i450.photobucket.com/albums/qq223/sophiak_bucket/VanquisDN2-1.jpg http://i450.photobucket.com/albums/qq223/sophiak_bucket/VanquisDN1-1.jpg
  3. Thank you the lion for that information, it is very useful, how far have you got with Vanquis?
  4. Vanquis have sold my account to connaught, cabot and now cars, what are they playing at.
  5. Thanks surprise, I will do as advised. Is not the OFT and FOS the same people? I sent my complaint against Vanquis to the FOS, and I will inform them of the letters I am receiving from CARS. I will post them everything on Monday recorded delivery. I have not been contacted by Cabot, I think they know that I have sent a complaint against them to the FOS ta
  6. Thanks frett, but Cabot are already dealing with this debt and I do not think that Vanquis should have passed this debt on to another DCA. Should I inform the FOS that Vanquis has done this?
  7. Thanks BB, I have received another letter today from Credit Account Recovery Solutions Limited. Vanquis have sold my debt on to another DCA without informing me. Vanquis have already instructed Cabot with this debt. I have sent a complaint to the FOS and I am awaiting for their response. Should I inform the FOS that Vanquis have sold my debt on to C.A.R.S? This is the letter I received today. HOME AGENT CALL Dear xxxx. WE WILL BE ATTEMPTING TO CALL AT YOUR HOME PREMISES WITHIN THE NEXT 10 DAYS TO ESTABLISH REASONS FOR NON PAYMENT OF THE ABOVE ACCOU
  8. Thanks BB, I have already sent a complaint to the FOS, and they have written to me this week saying that they will contact me soon as they are very busy at the moment
  9. Should I just ignore this letter and just leave it, see what happens?
  10. I sent off my complaint to the FOS approx 2 weeks ago. I received a letter today from Credit Account Recovery Limited and they have written: Dear XXXX, Having conducted preliminary searches our tracking divisionhave confirmed your residency at the above address. Therefore we are left with the only possible conclusion in that you are choosing to ignore our Clients repeated requests for payment. They have now authorised us to proceed in whichever way we deem appropriate, within the boundaries of the law, to recover their monies. It is therefore imperative that you forward the f
  11. Thanks surprise, just an update. God this is getting more and more complicated day by day I just received a letter today from a company called CONNAUGHT COLLECTIONS UK LTD and this is what they have written, any help would be appreciated. "We have been instructed by 1st Credit Limited who act on behalf of Vanquis Bank Limited to recover this overdue account and understand that you have already been supplied with the full details of the claim. As we are unaware of any reason for payment being withheld, please forward settlement in full to this office within seven days from the
  12. I have received a letter today from Vanquis and they state that the letter they sent to me on the 11th Sept 09 is their final response. I have written the above letter advised by vint1954 and sent it to 1st credit. I have had no response yet. I don't know what to respond to vanquis though:confused:
  13. Thanks guys for that great advice. I will write back to them as surprise has advised. Appreciate all the help and support
  14. I have received a response from Vanquis which is quite long and I am unable to scan up as the scanner does not work. This is basically what they have written and I would love any help or advice from you good people. They say that they cannot accept that my account is in dispute, and can only accept it if they have fulfilled their obligations. In respect of a fixed payment arrangement on your account I can see that you have previously offered to pay £5 a mth. Please note that in order for a fixed payment arrangement to be agree with us we would require payments to your account tha
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