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  1. Hi, Today I have received a default notice for £9xx from SLL Capital, for a payday loan I had with Mr Lender. Looking back at my emails I had payday loans from Mr Lender for nearly two years from the start of 2014, including rollovers, failed payments and reloads. I am looking for some advice on how to handle this. I am thinking of making an irresponsible lending claim against Mr Lender and telling SLL that the account and the amount owed are in dispute. All advice greatly received. Thanks in advance
  2. Well the arrears will be clear in 5 months, which will also more or less tie in with 6 years since the original order. So we will apply to get the order set aside ASAP after
  3. I just wish they had let us know in advance, they could have saved me a day off work and a lot of worry. I guess they leave it until the last minute in the hope of pressuring people in to paying off all of the arrears
  4. Thanks so much gor everyone's help and support again!! I need to push on with reclaiming the charges and ppi, as GE really seem to be dragging their heels and being obstructive
  5. Well back from court. Yet again GE had just sent a letter to the court asking for the warrant of eviction to be withdrawn. I am obviously relieved but angry that yet again, they let us go to court and waste the duty solicitors time and the judges time. Anyway, we got the outcome we wanted in the end. The judge said they hadn't even put any conditions on the withdrawal. I just said that I intended to pay in line with our proposals to clear the arrears ASAP and then get the possession order set aside
  6. Hopefully, this makes the situation a little better, as there was no order made in Septmber
  7. So if we never received any paperwork from the court after the last hearing and GE had sent a fax before the the hearing accepting our proposals. Does this mean there that there wasn't an order after the last hearing in September?
  8. Hi Ell-enn, No, I just went in to see the judge with the Duty Solicitor. The judge could not understand why GE were not there, then he found the fax, saying they accepted our proposal and asked if that was acceptable to us. i do remember thinking at the time that we had not received anything from the court afterwards
  9. This may not matter but was thinking about the last hearing. GE didn't turn up, they just sent a fax saying they accepted our proposals, so there was no need for the hearing to go ahead and the court didn't make an order. Am I right? Just so worried, it would be a shame to loose the house for just £907 arrears. If the hearing starts to go against us, can we ask for more time to find the £907 or sell the house? Just trying to be aware of all the options before tomorrow
  10. Hi Ell-enn, Thanks for your help. The reason for the missed payments in November and January, was a temporary separation between myself and my wife. If the hearing starts to go against us, are there other options we can ask for, such as being given time to sell the house ourselves etc. There is enough equity in the house to buy a smaller house outright with no mortgage
  11. It is not unrealistic but I guess they will argue that we havent stuck to the previous arrangements
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