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  1. In an article in credit today Tom Drury said he moved from working in Shanks (he changed jobs but the smell still lingers!) because the commute to Milton Keynes from his home in Cheshire left him with little time to spend with his children. Has he ever thought about the number of children living in misery because of the industry he represents? How would he feel as a father when someone calls his home every day to threaten legal action? How would he feel if he could not feed or clothe his children because debt collectors have first ‘dabs’ at his income? How would he feel if every few days he re
  2. Absolutely true. Unclebulgaria. The whole system is rotten to the core. Even the government are selling their bad debts on to Arrow and therefore promoting the very system that leaves Children in poverty. People often argue that DCA’s loose so much money on the debts they cannot collect that they have to make those they really terrify make up the short fall but I say why do they exist at all? As you said earlier the original lenders should make better lending decisions and take the consequences or work in a more constructive way with the debtor when things go wrong. How many layers of compani
  3. Thank you so much BankFodder for posting up the info. I feel like emailing Tom Drury at Arrow and asking him if he is proud of his work!
  4. Spot on unclebulgaria -I appreciate what the Brigadier is saying but we have to keep hammering away!
  5. When you read these two articles one after another you know there is no justice in the world. All my campaigning, emailing and badgering the government and OFT may seem like a waste of time but one cannot read the children’s society article without trembling. I strongly recommend you click the link to the animated bit which states some shocking statistics. Sorry, cant post links yet! 1st read: This is money, at thisismoney.co.uk news article 2592434.Title: Debt- collectors-set-cash-consumer-borrowing-spree Then go to childrenssociety.org.uk press release 8th may 2014. Tit
  6. I have just read the following in This is Money PUBLISHED:22:02, 29 March 2014 - (ok I am a bit late but hey, I am doing my best!) Business is booming for debt collectors snapping up overstretched borrowers for as little 10p in the pound Government bodies are also likely to sell more debt in years to come. Last November the Government sold a swathe of student loans with a face value of £900 million for £160 million to Erudio, a company backed by stock market-listed debt collector Arrow Global And felt I had to send the following email to David Cameron and Nick Clegg. (Signing with my re
  7. Spot on Rebel 11! I know things will never be perfect but let’s try making them a little fairer.
  8. Many thanks for all your comments. I know the price Arrow paid because in an article in Credit Today (3 June 2013) Arrow Global is reported as purchasing these and other debts for an average of 4.5 pence in the pound although Ian Drury from Arrow claims that they paid an average of 16.2pence in the pound. Ian Drury was bragging just how cheaply he bought the debts for and was being hailed as a financial genius. (Big bad swear word!) The two examples I have are only two of the millions of debts Arrow bought early last year and I know they bought from a number of banks and lenders at that
  9. Banks are cheating their shareholders rather than negotiate with debtors. I am appealing to anyone out there who had a settlement offer rejected only to discover their debt was sold on. I have two examples, with full paper trails proving that Santander turned down settlement offers of up to 50 pence in the pound but within a few months sold those debts to Arrow Global for 16.2 pence in the pound or probably less. In these cases Santander and Arrow Global both insisted they would accept nothing less than the total owed from the debtor. If I held Santander shares I would want to k
  10. The utility warehouse are the most disgraceful company Ihave ever dealt with. Like many of the contributors to this thread, we movedinto a house that was already supplied by UW. We told them we may changesuppliers but wanted their tariff details to make a comparison before callingBritish Gas. Within days the threats began –demanding a £100 deposit or theywould get a court order to ‘force entry’ and install a pre-paid meter. They asked us to submit meter readings whichthey do tend to ignore. They also insist that there is a discrepancy in themeter readings –apparently our initial reading did n
  11. PAWS

    PAWS vs MBNA

    Crippled by unfair MBNA charges: I have tried to find an answer to this question but without success and although I am sure it must have happened to others and despited spending a few hours trying to find a way of asking the question, I will try this! MBNA take a regular payment from my bank account every month. It is Not in arrears but is up to the limit. They decide what the minimum payment should be. They decided, last november, to take less than was needed and as a result, my account went over the limit when they added their interest. For this they charged me £12.00 When I asked them
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