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  1. Hello, this is the bit where frank spenser comes bursting through the door covered in mud and chicken feathers exclaiming "I've had a bit of bother" Trying to make lite of a situation (( well my pile of debt is not really funny, but am getting to grips with the reality of my situation here is debts I have Card1 £10000 Card2 £6000 Loan1 £4000 Card3: £2000 bank in overdraft £1900 Saleable Assets: Unemcumbered Car £500 Car £3000 - if working! (mot failure something wrong with engine circa £800 to fix!! and need new shocks) but would still get towed away by a d
  2. just a quick update, i have now received a copy of the off street parking order for the borough of torbay. attached.. Borough_Torbay_OSPO.pdf
  3. I wish i just paid the reduced fee of £25 now. its just been a stress since i got the ticket i can do without this making my depression worse since i got the ticket.. for the sake of a stupid ticket. its just another pressure i cant cope with right now. I wish i could!! I know i parked in the wrong car park, but the signs dont say there is a penalty fine of £70, or that you must display a permit. If they had a sign there saying that, id never of parked there. I was just late at the time for karate club, and seeing that there were no signs for penalties or permits etc so i parked there. Didn
  4. I wrote up my Representation document as clear as I could, see in the PDF attached. also pointed out that the Council also wrote to me advicing me that they were satisfied that the sinage in the car park was sufficient. since its stating in a printed letter to me that "... signs ... are CLEAR TO ADVISE drivers that a permit must be displayed." So here they are stating there are signs to advise permits must be displayed! They say they are satisfied that sufficient sinage is in place. Dispite all my photos showing the signs CLEARLY DO NOT state that its permit holders only, or p
  5. ok thanks, ill get that sent in. I just hope they cant enforce the fine by some law that says the sign does not have to say you need a permit displayed to park there.
  6. A friend of mine had a bit of a dispute with a neighbour , he didnt park across his drive way, just parked an old road legal car outside the neighbours house because he was fed up with him parking his big van there. The neighbour responded by attaching a tow rope to my friends parked car and dragging it up the road, so he could park the van back there. The police were not really interested at all, as they said my friend had antagonised the neighbour by parking the old car there in the first place. so maybe the moral of this is, that if you do park across someones drive way and you
  7. Any advice on how to correctly write my representation to the NtO. can i just state that the sign in the members car park does not state that a valid permit must be displayed. also enclose a print out of the picture of the sinage in the car park. Would something like that suffice?
  8. Hi here is the scan pdf of the Notice to owner i just received this morning. should i use the representations page to state why the contravention did not occur NTO-030609.pdf
  9. Hi, Just this morning i received the Notice to Owner NTO . I'll Scan it later and attach the pdf. im not sure what I need to do next still not off road parking order received from the council either. thanks Jon
  10. do the council have to provide me with the off street parking places order as per my request. or are they entitled to ignore it ?
  11. hi i just made a corner logo up for the consumer forum. if any good just use it.
  12. I just posted this to my old thread. but incase that thread is old & missed ... heres my scans in one PDF concerning the contravention. TB council are claiming that signs do exist in the car park. but I think they just have not investigated. also they ignored my request for a copy of the Off street parking places order. ive blotted out all my personal details in the scan as you can see , also added comments in colour. have a look if you like. hope you could advise the next course of action. thanks TorbayCouncil_PCN_contest_Reply_fullstory.pdf
  13. Hi , Just finished putting together the PDF of the replyies from torbay council. and the evidence i have etc in one document here. have a look. Torbay council say they have investigated and that clear sign exists stating that a valid permit must be displayed. Yet, there is none on site in that car park. they also did not reply with a copy of the Off street parking places order. have a look thanks Jon TorbayCouncil_PCN_contest_Reply_fullstory.pdf
  14. Hi group. thanks for your advice in writing a letter about the PCN i received. Its been a week or so since my letter I sent the council. This morning I had their formal reply in letter. I am just scanning it and will up load it shortly. BRB
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