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  1. Had one of my family round helping me decorate last week and he was on the cans from 10am. He was grafting and helping me out so I daint complain. But get this he told me he was on a ban awhile ago and had a medical and reckons the day of the medical he had 2 cans and a line before and he passed!
  2. I asked them for it in writing just to help Tott linda out and try and give her some peace of mind. we know how she feels. just glad its over mate.
  3. Same here. By the way I failed alt but passed mvc and gamma. my readings were 49, 70 and 91 respectively. ALT was prob due to steriods when I was a prat. Try not to worry. I did but there is nowt you can do but wait. Fingers crossed for you.
  4. The last results I had was 17 gamma, 91 mcv and 49 alt. I will ring them monday and find out for you and post them.
  5. Rang them after reading your email and mine is in the post. Last time I was this relieved was when Ashley Young got the winner for the Villa at Goodison last year. Must say have found this thread THE most useful source of information. Took some finding but bloody glad there was somewhere you could get useful info because the dvla are like the secret police. Congrats mate. Drive carefully!
  6. Just rang them. details are on the screen but the medical board have not yet advised them of a decision. I am to ring back in 2 weeks if I have not heard anything. It is difficult not to read between the lines and think there is a problem but I pressed the guy and he assured me that it didnt mean there was. just a backlog. aaaaaaaaarrrghhhhhh. anybody know what the timelines are for a failure or a successful result?
  7. I rang them wednesday - 2 weeks to the day- and was told to ring back next friday if I have not had anything thru the post. Am like a cat on a hot tin roof. Will be glad when it is done. Let me know and good luck.
  8. 300:shock: you must have been radioactive. Good luck with it. Hope it goes well.
  9. Am a bit confused. Did they fail you but then let you drive for a one year period? what were your readings when you failed?
  10. I had my medical wednesday, no hearing or reflex tests but i'm not reading anything into that. doctor was a miserable bugger but efficient. Tells me i'm in the system and will hear in three weeks time. Good luck, let me know how youget on. If I hear anything I'll let you know.
  11. I can only tell you that I am taking it and I will declare it. If he asks why I will tell him the truth. Its good for liver function. If he reads more into it than that then I would be gob smacked mate. You have demonstrated you can abstain when you choose to do so. On that basis having read up on loads of stuff on tinternet it I believe you have proven you are fit to drive. You are less likely to ever drink drive then the masses given what you are going thru so my advice is chin up, try not to worry and be safe in the knowledge you have not got a drink problem. Im in wednesday
  12. Its a health supplement and they dont test for it specifically. Best to declare it in your medical tho.
  13. Thanks, am on milk thistle having read the thread previously. Have had my blood tested twice but no mention of AST even tho I have asked. This whole process is nerve wracking.Medical is in 2 weeks and my job, house are hanging in the balance. Never want to be here again so as a deterrent you got to give it to them. If only the masses knew.
  14. I take it you are all too busy driving to respond.
  15. Am in a similar situation to most of the posters on here and I guess I am seeking some peace of mind as my quack and the dvla dont appear to be entirely sure. I have not touched a drop since my ban and dont miss it at all. Did not think I would have any problems until the doc told me I had raised lft function. My ggt is 17, mcv 91 which are both ok but my alt is 49. Is this one high reading enough to fail me? Any informed genuine advice much appreciated.
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