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  1. ok many thanks ,i have been with my husband 6 years this october so it definitly is 6 years but i will check and make sure with him when he gets in from work,and do as you say,i will keep you posted thankyou
  2. hi thanks for the info ,i have never wrote to them the statue barred letter so do i have to and then do i write to the office of fair trading once again many thanks selina
  3. hi thanks for that,the letters i sent were to phillips does that mean i have to send it again to buchanan clark and wells ,the letters are addressed to my husband. sorry for sounding abit dim,but i dred the postman arriving many thanks selina
  4. hi have now recieved a letter from buchanan clarke and wells, it seems phillips have passed the debt back ,the letter states in bold red letters credit alert-HOMEOWNER STATUS OUR CLIENT-AKTIV KAPITAL UK LIMITED creditor:_ge capital(first national tricity finan-AQUALEISURE principle sum-£1,832.88 our desk top investigation suggests increasing equity and financial improvement in your finacial circumstances.this is an important factor in our assessment of the most affective course of action which will take to recover the debt owed.we strongly advise that you seek professional help in the
  5. hi thanks for that will do it first thing monday and will await there reply .
  6. hi i have had a letter from phillips saying" as requested please find details regarding the accounts which are currently outstanding with philips.PLEASE NOTE;details are only provided where available.if any further information is required you are advised to contact our client (bcw group plc)direct thats what theve written , but there is no details at all. so can you please tell me what to do next ,do i contact bcw many thanks
  7. hi have just been on track and trace and it was delivered on the 28 may from the doncaster sorting office
  8. hi we have had another letter from phillips demandindg we pay in 7 days but no mention of the letter i sent (recorded)like you said ,what should i do now ,many thanks
  9. hi babybear thanks for that, ill do as you say but do i send it to phillips or bcw group or both thanks
  10. hi im not the best one to ask but i was told too repost in the debt collection industry thread and i promise someone will help you hope it works out ok
  11. hi thankyou for that ive just re-wrote it and posted it on debt thread many thanks
  12. hi i am new to this so im not sure wether im doing it right,my husband has been getting letters from bcw group ltd for a debt he thinks his then wife had run up(we have been bombarded with her unpaid debts but cannot afford a solicitor anymore).The debt is for £1832.88,we have been together nearly 6 years so are hoping that it could be statue barred,this morning we recieved a letter from PHILLIPS COLLECTION SERVICES saying if we dont pay the full amount in 7 days they will proceed with further recovery.Im terrified as we dont know what to do my husband doesnt know what the debt is for th
  13. thankyou for reply im not that great with all this so how do i move my post many thanks
  14. Hi am new to this, so im not sure im doing it right,My husband has been sent loads of letters from bcw group ltd for a debt we think his then wife had run up.(weve had loads of other debts but cant afford solicitor anymore)its for £1832.88. we have been together nearly 6 years so am hoping it may be over 6 years old anyway,this m orning we now have a letter from Phillips collection services ltd saying if we dont pay the full amount within 7 days they will proceed with further recovery,im terrified as we dont know what to do ,my husband doesnt know what the debt is for. The letter states
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