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  1. Hi Kelcou, he's Autistic, non verbal (at the moment but I've got high hopes he may speak eventually). I'm going to do the letters tonight, been a bit busy to do them this afternoon, got myself into a bit of a panic after the bailiffs left and had visions of being hauled off to the cells We're just going to start making payments online from tomorrow so it can't be said we're not willing to pay. I shouldn't have let it get this far so it's my own fault really. Anyway appreciate everyones advice, thanks again
  2. Oo-er, best give the gas mask to him then. Tut now we know who to blame for global warming. And I most certainly have not lost Kip. So there (sits smugly waiting for prize)
  3. Good afternoon. It is lovely to see this fine thread up and running again, nice to know BB is well again. And now down to business. I've won. End of. Now fetch me my crown. btw that wonderful gas mask could be put to good use in this house, particularly on a Sunday after a large serving of brussel sprouts
  4. Thank you all, and I understand what I have to do. My only problem is they are saying that they cannot attach to JSA as it is only my partner that is named on the claim, even though he claims for me, if you see what I mean. The bill is solely in my name. Is this wrong? Could I ask for them to attach to my carers allowance? Sorry if I seem a bit thick but I'm a little confused
  5. Kelcou, crossed posts there Yes my partner claims JSA for both of us, and we also have a disabled child and recieve high rate DLA and Carers Allowance
  6. Thank you. Have just had a very interesting coversation with someone from the council. Apparently they would have immediately taken the account back, but cannot do so because my partner claims JSA and is named, but the council tax bill is only in my name. He has advised me to e-mail the recovery department with the circumstances outlined for them to decide, but they don't have to apparently. I've been told to inform the bailiffs of this when they return.
  7. Thank you, I'm a bit nervous tbh I've never been in this position before and although, thanks to this forum, I know a little (I didn't let him in the house for example) I just don't know what to do or say next. Feel like a complete idiot as I should have dealt with this before. So the council can take the account back and stop the baillifs?
  8. Hi just need a quick bit of advice. Just had the baillifs at the door (second visit, first time letter through door) asking for a lump sum payment for arrears, then a pament plan for the rest. I told them I didn't have a lump sum. Long and short is they've said they are having me committed to prison for non payment. Is this correct? I refused to pay immediately as I don't have a lump sum to give, and also on the grounds that the council will take the account back as we are on Jobseekers Allowance at the moment. Is this right too? A bit concerned now, and not sure whether to ring the council and what to say, or what to do next really - he's given me his number in case I change my 'within the next seven days'.
  9. Well.... after being a smoker for nigh on 30 years, and a heavy one at that, sometimes 40+ a day I've quit, hurray I'm only on day 5 but feeling extremely positive, although the first 2/3 days were truly hellish I've got to admit. Used patches and gum to begin with but I've dumped the patches and don't feel any different. I feel pretty good really, surprisingly so, but I'm completely determined to do this. I feel free
  10. Copious amounts of vomit thanks to OH and DD having a sickness bug, which means the romantic meal and bottles of wine are on hold. Ditto the drunken apres dinner 'fumblings' - there is a god after all
  11. Ooh what I could do with that money...probably give most of it away A bit of plastic surgery wouldn't go amiss though
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