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  1. Can somebody please help me? I have had two defaults registered against me by HSBC, one for an overdraft and the other a bank loan- £74.00!! What a joke! HSBC closed my account's without giving a reason- they say they can do so as per their terms and conditions- etc etc I have tried to challange the defaults by saying that they did not notify me of there reasons for closing the account or sending me a default notice. They have sent me a copy of a letter that was sent (according to them) but i did not receive it- they said as i did not reply and there was a clear warning of gettin
  2. Max Recovery c/o Eversheds!!!! They registered seven defaults on my credit report and havent provided any evidence as to why!!!!!! I have contacted them 17 times in writing (recordered delivery) and still nothing. I had never heard of them until i got a copy of my credit report. THEY SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO GET AWAY WITH IT................... OFT & Financial Ombudsman dealing with them now.
  3. Thanks for your reply. The IVA didnt get involved with the credit reporting stage. The original debtors sold the debt on once the IVA was in place and Max Recovery just wrote to say that they now had it and that they would deal with my supervisor direct... which they did- they never came after me for money because the IVA was in place. The defaults were registered for the time that the IVA was started, yes that is correct- however; If the original creditors did not record a default then why should these do it? They new what they were buying and it is my understanding that a default is register
  4. Thanks Revenant I have had a read through and im not sure what that means either. Hopefully somebody will be able to shed some more light on it.
  5. Thanks Mr. ton I will do that, i had just made a note of the address as i have loads of supporting paperwork.
  6. OK, a bit long but here it is in brief and any help would be soooooo good!!!! In 2005, i entered into an IVA with a number of creditors. Barclaycard, littlewoods, halifax. Thankfully, not one of them issued me with a default letter and nor did they register a default on my credit report, or record an IVA. They simply put down that the account was "Satisfied" and a note to say that the final amount would not cover the whole debt......... Fair enough and very very lucky.... or so i thought!!!! Between 2006 and 2008 all of my creditors sold the debts to Max Recovery, Eversheds collect the
  7. Thats just it, they havent registered the IVA on my Credit report. Nobody has, just max recovery with those defaults.
  8. Yes they are all marked as settled. Trouble is i cant get any credit as i have the defaults all over my record for another two years. If the original creditors didnt mark them as defaults then why have Max recovery been such B*******S (sorry)....... it makes me so mad. The accounts were in default and in an iva when max recovery bought them, so i didnt atchualy default with them did i? If they knew what they were buying then why register a default? If the other creditors hadnt done it then to me its seems just mean.
  9. Thanks You have all been so helpfull. The defaults are dated 2005, when the IVA was started but my original creditors posted settled and made a note that there was an arrangement to pay. Max recovery bought the debts from Halifax, Barclaycard and Littlewoods and then registered defaults under them. My theory may be wrong but its logic to me..... if i do not have a signed credit agreement with Max Recovery and they did not serve a default notice to me then how can they do this. I have read lots about this company and they really are a nasty piece of work
  10. Hi Guys Im kingaling and i have just joined today, a friend said that you guys can give some pretty good advice so here i go: In 2005 i ran into trouble with a number of creditors and arranaged an IVA. The original creditors, Barclarycard, Halifax and Littlewoods DID NOT register a default on my credit report, there was just a note saying that i had an arrangement to pay- which is fine. My IVA has now ended and i got a copy of my report from Equifax and Experian and stunned to see that MAX RECOVERY had registered big red fat defaults on all of my accounts. Max Revcove
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