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  1. Thanks diddydicky I will start again today.
  2. I know I haven't helped myself by upsetting people on here but would appreciate some help with this matter. We just need to know where we stand legally as they DN was invalid and they terminated on the back of it. I know i don't diserve any help but would appreciate it if someone could give us some advice as even the adjudicator at the FOS say because they have withdrawn their action then the agreement is now live and it would be unfair on the business to accept the termination. please please any advice would be helpful if we have to pay then we will we only got into trouble when I became
  3. I would like to apologise to all caggers if I have come across arrogant and upset anyone in anyway. Since being made redundant we have been under a lot of stress and even though that is no excuse we just wanted some help. We have been to debt advise but Blackhorse and Welcome finance are the 2 companies we have been having a lot of trouble with. Even the advisor we saw having looked at our case suggested that Blackhorse had terminated and they were the ones who advised us to go to the FOS. After reading a lot of posts on this website I thought I would put our case forward for advise.
  4. Obviously no one is willing to help, so thanks to one persons opinion I'm being blanked, lets hope other new caggers don't get the same treatment.
  5. Is there anyone who knows what would be the best thing to do regarding this issue? I haven't had any replys since I got accused of trying to pull a fast one, I would just like to say I honestly thought as they sent a faulty DN and then terminated on the back of that DN they could only claim the arrears not reinstate the agreement and withdraw their actions which is what I have read on here. Advice would be a great help.
  6. What's strange is the fact that they haven't sent anymore court papers or any repossesion notices all we get now are default notices. When I ring Blackhorse they then apologise and say sorry they shouldn't have sent the default notice as the agreement is terminated, they don't seem to know either whether it is live or terminated, that's why I came on here for advise, not to be criticised.
  7. Thanks for your advice MVM. Everytime I have contacted blackhorse one person tells me the agreement is terminated and another tells me it isn't so that is why I came on here for advice not to get accused of something I certainly don't deserve by other members maybe I came to the wrong place...
  8. Thanks for your opinion diddydicky. I can asure you we are not pulling a fast one as you put it, our payments were never missed until I got made redundant and decided to check what was left outstanding on our agreement to see if I could pay it off. That's when looking at the statements we had received the figures didn't add up I decided to get a copy of the agreement as we couldn't find the original it was only then that this situation arose. If Blackhorse hadn't sent the default notice and then terminated on it we would have come to some arrangement to continue paying but we felt we had
  9. Can someone please tell me where we stand?????????
  10. So everything I read by x20 A tale of a dodgy DN does not apply in our case?
  11. So the DN was not valid due to the figure to be paid included charges and interest on charges. They terminated on the back of the DN on the 15th July 2009. They sent court papers for repossesion and then withdrew all action. Their final response states they did terminate but still send default notices regarding this agreement. Now they say the agreement is still live. So what x20 wrote on here does not apply see below????? [2] Termination in Non-Conformity with section 87. The contention I advance is that an ineffective DN does not prohibit the creditor from terminating the agre
  12. So the DN was inavlid and they terminated the agreement. They sent court papers to repossess but then withdrew all action and reinstated the agreement. Sent us a letter saying that they didn't terminate and then their final response was they did terminate on the 15th July 2009 but no further action other than default notices have been sent to us and even these include charges and interest on charges. So what I have read below by x20 doesn't apply? [1] Termination of a Contract and General Principles A good place to start would be to dispel the myth that the law will not tolerat
  13. seeking to keep the car and get out of the agreement and only owe them the arrears at the time they unlawfully terminated? I thought due to their actions this is what we would be entitled to are you saying differently??????
  14. no further payments have been made since termination letter received as we took them at their word that the agreement has been terminated. Now they are saying that it isn't terminated and the agreement is still live that is why we went to the FOS as the DN was invalid and they used the DN to terminate. I'm sure I've read on here that if that is the case then they can only claim arrears up to termination and have no claim to the vehicle. Surely sending a termination letter and court proceedings proves the agreement has been unlawfully terminated and with out our agreement they cannot just say
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