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  1. It`s Albion Ltd. in Leeds
  2. It`s a credit card debt. Thanks for the response.
  3. Hi Everyone, I wrote the standard letter asking for a copy of my CCA to Nat West (among others) and they only sent me the T&Cs. I`ve refused to pay them anything more, and now the DCA is getting involved. They have written to me and told me that if they have to make any house calls, then, I will be liable to pay them the charge for this. Can this be right, even without an enforcible CCA? Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for the reply, Cereberusalert. Sorry, I didnt explain that very well. I wrote asking for a CCA in March, they replied after a month or so that they couldnt find it but were still looking. I sent them the "In dispute" letter and stopped my payments. It since got passed onto a DCA who I explained the situation to, and they`ve since stopped tryiong to contact me, and seemingly passed it back to the Halifax who have started sending letters again asking for payment, and, as I said, mentioned in the last letter that the search was still ongoing. All this seems a little odd to me. What d
  5. Hi everyone, I requested a CCA from the Halifax for a credit card back in March this year. In their last letter they said that they are still looking for it after all this time! Can anyone tell me how long these things can drag on for please? What`s the likelihood that they will find it after nearly 6 months? Thanks alot. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Thankyou very much everyone for your help. Yes, I`ve sent the bank the follow up "you are in default" letter. I probably won`t bother with another
  7. Hi Everyone, I have a couple of credit cards with unenforcible agreements, and a couple more with no agreement at all, due to "misfiling" apparantly. I`ve obviously stopped payments to them untill they can send proper agreements One of these (Nat West) has written to me today, and it looks like a DCI is going to get involved, no doubt demanding payment, as they do. When they do, how should I respond to them? If the agreement is unenforcible or absent, how far can they go?
  8. If they do, what effect would that have on another credit card I have that that IS enforcible, and that I`m paying off as normal, but not using anymore. Do you think they`ll want it all paying off straight away?
  9. Thanks Ida, That all looks a bit grim!! Although I`m not sure I understood it all. This is all new territory for me. Basically though, they`ll go ahead and do it even without a signed agreement?
  10. One of my credit card companies can`t supply my signed agreement, but are still sending me letters and phoning for payment. I wrote and told them I would treat the matter as harrassment if it continued, and told them if they shared my data with the credit reference agencies, I would report them to the Information Commissioners Office, as the signed agreement formed my consent for them to share my details. I received a letter today, which reads as follows... "We consider that our processing of your personal data is fair, lawful and warranted under the circumstances. Details of these
  11. No, it`s virtually impossible to read in places. Thanks for that, Welsh Mam, I shall certainly challenge them, because I don`t see how it would be enforcible in the state it`s in
  12. Right, OK thanks for the help. The copy they sent me has the thick black borders that Cerberus mentioned and these are peppered with white speckles. There are also quite alot of thin white lines, like cracks, which run vertically along the full length of the page. Although there is a bit of bleed through from the reverse side of the document on the copy, so I don`t know if that would happen on microfiche, would it? (I can`t scan a copy up, unfortunately) So if they don`t HAVE to produce the origionals for "strict proof", would there be much point in doing it? Parts of the T&Cs ar
  13. How do you mean? Does the age affect the enforcibilty?
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