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  1. Where do I start... On the25th i was dismissed for gross misconduct. There reasion that has been given "taking company money-£150) I entered the money on the accounting system as cashin transit (Company procude). whileIwas on my way to the bank, i lost it. I know I should have told my DM,but felt rather foolish. I have also been accused of taking £800, this was due to our account not looking at the bank statment, as it was deposited. They are now saying that there is £400, they acc system forabout6 weeks,there has been a variance ofabout 200- 300 pounds.This has been repoerted to our IT and business support,and accounts Ok, i am appealing, because i did not take steel the money 1st should theyhvegivenme more thann 24 hours about the disaplinary? Can i request copys of the meeting? so... what shoud i do now?
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