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  1. hey Jonnymitch, Need some advice re HSBC/Metropolitan /DG solicitors
  2. Hi there jonny. Thanks for advice. They have sent me nothing for sar and passed my debt onot metropolitan because i would not take out a managed loan. Are they no in default. Do i cease to pay them ? what should i do next.
  3. Hello Guys Sorry I have not been on here for a long while I had an accident and was hospitalised for 2 months. Better now Anyway, my finance worries have gone from bad to worse. I have not received an SAR from HSBC and they have passed the debt to MCS who are threatening me with all sorts including court action via DG Solicitors and Attch Earnings order. I am still paying them my DMP payment every month but they are having none of it. All my other creditors have accepted the payments and I am clearing my debts. What do I do about HSBC/MCS Any help would be appreciated cheers
  4. Well Hello there Guys, Here is an update As to date only one of my creditors have replied to my CCA request and that was Cahoot. I would like to upload the scan of this agreement so that some kind person might be able to tell me whether the agreement is enforceable. Please would someone tell me how to do this. HSBC on the other habd have sent me numerous letters requesting full payment of all my debt. They have not acknowledged my requests for them to accept my payments as per CCCS debt management plan. They have sent back the £1 postal orders and that is as far as we have got a
  5. Hello Stubie, I sent off a request for a CCA to all 9 of my creditors. HSBC sent the data controller letter back to me. I have not yet sent SAR to them but will be doing so because they have since last week made 59 calls to me sent me final demand letters and returned the other 2 £1 postal orders. I anticipate a somewhat 'cold' period in my relationship with HSBC, but then again as a Welshman I aint givin up. My threards have been merged by some kind man onto the HSBC thread. I am a newboy here so not always sure if I follow ettiquette. Cheers for reply. Lad
  6. Thanks Silverfox. I have opened another account for day to day banking. cheers will SAR on Monday
  7. Guys I am really appreciative for all your help. I have been so worried for such a long time and it is so good to know that there are people out there who wish to help. Like I said I do not want to shirk my responsibilities I got into debt I must get out of it, but I am not going to let HSBC take advantage of me. Should I reply to the immediate payment letter that I have had from HSBC Cheers Lad
  8. BTW Guys, I would like to share my current situation regarding all my finances for help and advice where wouuld I do this Cheers
  9. Hey thanks Lee, thats fantastic. What should I write in the SAR letter or where would I find one to use. Regards Lad
  10. Thank you for replying so quickly Silverfox. i really appreciate it. I will send SAR. Didnt know that a CCA isnt relevant to an O/D.... do now! All my CCA requests were sent RD and tracked. What should i do about the immediate payment demand and the form they want me to fill in. Thanks again lad
  11. Dear All, I did start a thread on here a week ago about my dreadful finacial situation its under unenforceable credit agreements. I have sent CCa requests to all my creditors (there are 9) 30/4/09 Hsbc are three of them An unsecured loan taken out in 2005 a gold credit card taken out in 2003 and an overdraft, operative from 2003 I ahve not heard from any of the other creditors at this stage HSBC credit card division (Ms Packwood) had replied to me stating they need a signature. I replied with the letter that I got from here stating that the signature was not needed. I
  12. Hi all, firstly hsbc credit card division sent me a letter saying tht they would not provide a cca unless i signed the letter i have responded to them with a letter satating that they still need to provide the cca within the due time i did not sign the second letter should i have done so i also sent cca request for my loan. hsbc have replied firstly stating that the matter was in hand. today i received a final demand for the loan i am now at a loss as what to do please help i am not sure if i am inputting information correctly onto this site please help someone cheers
  13. Hey Guys, I have also received a letter from HSBC requesting a signature. I quote " A data controller is not obliged to supply any information under sub section 1 unless he has received a request in writing. Further a data controller is not obliged to comply with a request under this section unless he is supplied with such information as he may reasonably require in order to satisfy himself as to the identity of the person making the request and to locate the information which that perdon needs. The bank policy is to establish the identity of the customer via a signature such t
  14. Hi I already have a post/thread but need some advice as quick as possible I have sent cca request letter from hsbc who are refusing to send as i did not put signature on letter they have returned the £1 postal order and told me to re-apply with sig on letter what should i do now
  15. Hey there enamae, Thank you so much for the response. I have sent cca requests to all my creditors (sent on Thursday 20th April) I did not know about the SAR. What is my next step. I have written to HSBC and told them that I will not be taking out a nmanaged loan with them. I am so worried about all this and was really pleased to see a respons from you Thank you once again
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