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  1. Many thanks again. I did check all last addresses against trustline and nothing showed. I'm going to apply for a credit check in writing but I'm worried that it may make me more "traceable" if I also use my current address. Is that the case or am I worrying about nothing thanks
  2. Well I'm confused to say the least. I have checked on the site you gave and no ccj showing? Does this help my situation at all please. Thanks again for looking
  3. Thanks very much for the info . I'll do that and post again
  4. Hi and thanks for looking. I got in to financial difficulty just over 8 years ago and handed my car back to Santander . Loan secured on the vehicle. At the same time I moved (also due to my financial difficulty) I havent had any contact within the 8 years regarding this but have had a rep from Bluestone visit a friends house last week looking for me. They didnt aknowledge me but where left a card by the rep. I dont have any paperwork to hand and after a read of the forums assumed as it was 8 years ago this was unenforceable. When I l
  5. My friend has recieved a Notice of Warrant of Execution for a CCJ in place against a man she used to live with. She has informed the court before that she has not been with this man for several years. She has since found out that he has registered at her local doctors using her address!! (to hide using his own and no doubt this is where the court have applid to her address ) is there anything that she can do to stop a bailiff visit please
  6. Can you please advise on my next cause of action Thanks In advance
  7. Well just when I thought it was over we got this today.
  8. Anybody got time to take a look please Tia
  9. Thanks for taking the time to help. Its not looking good then?
  10. Hi and thanks for looking. We recieved about 30 pages of an agreement today after our cca request. It is late but is it enforcable?. I've pulled out a couple of what seem to the the most relevant pages. I've never seen a tick accepted as a signature before? Can any of you advise please. ? Thanks in advance
  11. @ Clemma thank you very much. Letter going by Special delivery today.
  12. Its easy in the morning all bleary eyed not to notice whos name was on the envelope when you tear it open I made this error at my old address and it stopped the letters
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