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  1. Can somebody help me please. I have come home to find a letter from JB Debt Recovery stating that i owe £3xxx from Hillesden Securities (Formerly Egg). I am quite miffed at this, as 2 months ago i sent a Statue Barred letter to Ruthbridge who were chasing the debt, and i had no word from them since, until today i get this letter. The last payment on this debt was in 2002 .. 100% Fact. Ruthbridge knew this, and have passed this on. So i am mad this morning and i ring JB Debt Recovery to ask what the hell is going on. The guy says you own this money, end of story. I say when
  2. Hello, I am getting threatograms from Lowell regarding a £800 debt from Aug 2003 for CTI Financial. I know it is soon statue bared but i am confused to who CTI financial are? I have had no dealings with them before so i am presuming they have bought somebody out? I have old debts with Egg Card and Loan, Cap One and Associates, and Llloyds TSB. Are CTI involved with any of these do you know? Obviously not important, just curiosity as i shall be sending the SB letter very soon.
  3. it most probably means that the debt has been bought by a DCA, so that's why it says settled. You most probably will get a threatogram letter soon from a DCA wanting payment.
  4. They are trying the same thing on with me, My debt is from 2002 so is statue barred, but they say they are not accepting it as i have made a token payment less than 6 years ago. This is complete B*****t, as i have never acknowledged this debt or made a payment since 2002. I spoke to them the first time they called (I did not know better) it was just some arrogant guy saying i have this debt, and said that they are going to make me bankrupt, he asked my profession, and i said student and i have no money and no way of paying this debt, which i do not even think is mine. He said that you ha
  5. Can somebody just advise me on one point. “Under the Limitation Act 1980, which applies to England and Wales, a debt is considered to be statute barred when no payments have been made against it or where it has not been acknowledged for six years. A statute barred debt cannot be legally recovered. Whilst the OFT accepts that the debt still exists, the OFT considers that it can be unfair to pursue the debt in the circumstances set out in our Debt Collection Guidance” When its says OFT accepts the debt exists , what does this actually mean to somebody with a statue debt? if it cann
  6. Yesterday my friend at work received a letter out of the blue from Mackenzie Hall saying that he owed £7500 for a loan taken out with TSB in 1988 and that bailiffs were being advised to visit his home in 7 days. He was quite shocked about this and asked me what i should do. 1 obvious thing people will point out is that it is Statue Barred = Correct. What makes this funny is that my friend is 19 years old, and this alleged debt of his was from 2 years BEFORE he was actually born. . He does not even have a common name like Mr Smith or something similar. So i told him not to worr
  7. I am in the same boat regarding Setanta. I signed up 5 months ago to receive Setanta via my freeview box. The offer was free for 2 months though a 10.99 connection fee. It said i could cancel at any time as long as i gave 30 days notice and was before my payment date. So the just before 2 months were up i cancelled by sending an email to (requests@setanta.com) which is what they say on their T's and C's. I received no reply, though it has been opened as I requested reply on opening. So i was expecting my Setanta to switch off after the 16th which is payment day. I hardly watched th
  8. They called again this morning at 7:30am. I picked up, heard it was the same guy. Put the phone down.
  9. quick question. A debt becomes statue barred after 6 years i take it if no payment or written acknowledgment of debt has been made in those 6 years. Do phone conversations count? just i have a debt of £650 with Topman .. passed onto DCA. now a previous DCA called over 5 years ago and i said i would pay on the phone and they sent me some giro slips, but i never paid, or signed anything. This is very close to the 6 years, maybe even past it, and the original debt is defintley over the 6 years. So does offer of the payment on phone start the 6 years from then?. Just thinking tho
  10. Mr Joss or Josh Hughes is obviously reading these forums as 10 minutes after i had posted, i get another phone call which went straight to the answer phone, saying that they will use "Message Board Forum Posts" on top of other evidence of the so-called debt. This is your final chance to agree to the reduced settlement figure of £1698, If not paid in full by 12th May then banckruptcy proceedings will take place.
  11. Hi, I have done a bad thing today, despite reading the posts here, saying not to contact the DCA, i did that today. Firstly i have been getting letters from Ruthbridge Ltd saying that they are going to make me brankrupt, and also calls every single day from them saying to contact them. Today [name edited] called and left a message saying that i had 7 days to pay up, and have had many chances to pay ect, going to make you bankrupt ect. This is in relation to an Egg Loan from 2000. Hearing the message today got me mad so i called them. I spoke to [name edited] the mopst
  12. Hi am just checking my credit file. I found one credit card debt from 2003 on my file. I think it was Capital One, but not sure, I have had a few. Just trying to understand though when a default drops off my file? I have had no letters from this DCA (Hillesden Securities) but on the my file i have a default in Dec 2003, then lots more defaults going upto August last year. Will this entry drop off my file in December 2009? or does it stay on until 6 years after last august (2014). I am not really sure i understand my credit file. I am not sure how it works and when my credit will
  13. I have played my answer phone messages this morning. I have one from yesterday afternoon from Ruthbridge saying if i do not pay in 48 hours then Bailiffs will be sent. Court orders have already been granted he says. Then amazingly he says this sentence. Mr XYZ you have had numerous reminders about the debt owed, and there is no way to avoid this unless the account is paid off in full in 24 hours. It is unacceptable that you have not paid, and it is people like you that have caused the recession Britain is in. :0 The debt is over 6 years old, so should be barred. Plus they
  14. Hello, I have been recieving both letters and phonecalls from a company called Ruthbridge Ltd regarding a £2978.01 debt from an Egg card from 2003. I have recieved 4 letters previous to this one, stating that if i do not pay this debt by 03/05/09 that they will serve me with a writ for banckrupcy and then send bayliffs to my door. I have had numourous anwserphone message left also regarding this. Yesterday i picked up the phone, and it was Ruthbridge, basicly saying the same as the letters, that they are going to proceed with a bankrupcy order against me. I told them i wa
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