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  1. just had another delivery from barclay that contained what they said was all statements attached to my account there are late payment chargers ranging from £20 to £12 and also ppi of around £23.50 per month but for some strange reason it seems to be there one month and not the nex anf then its back a month or so later. still no word back on the codes that where on the printout though
  2. Im back sorry for the long long delay but due to family problems i had other issues that were more important to deal with a little update on thhis account i got my SAR stuff from barclays today which contails a few letters and pages and pages of a computer print off which contains codes etc etc that means nothing to me i expected to find a copy of my credit agreement as well as fee's for late payments ect ect but there was none of that included. so any advice on what i do now would be appreciated
  3. Much appreciated i shall get that done over the next few days many many thanks for your help so far
  4. Hi Slick , thanks for the super fast reply ive been really busy and havent had time to get onto the ppi issue as i dont have any statements im not sure what to do . but im open to your suggestions so as i know what im posting when i do Ricky
  5. latest letter from Debt Managers LTD http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v349/raptorsixfifty/bitsandbobs/DebtManagers11thmay2010.jpg am i right in presuming this is the normal bullcrap threat letter or must i take it more serious .??? if they are chassing me for this cash then must they have a copy of the proper executed agreement or not ?? a little advice on a letter to send them would be appreciated thanks for taking the time to read my thread# and for any advice given. ps: if you let me know what links u cant get to i will move them so u can see them Ri
  6. Much appreciated slick132 I had posted it in the scottish forum as im from scotland lol and i thought our laws were a bit better for protecting us in this kind of matter, but wasnt sure . thanks to you as well scot for moving it to where an expert can try and assist me
  7. In reference to my original post http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/dealing-debt-scotland/199634-advice-needed-my-credit.html Where I had put 2 of my cards in 1 posts. I was asked by IdainFife to make a post for Barclays on its own . Here is my Barclaycard post, sorry if it’s a bit long All the correspondences’ started around march 2009 First of all I had contacted a company to deal with this who arranged to have all the legalities of the credit card checked, (after finding this forum I didn’t use them again) Below are 2 e-mail I received from the company
  8. Hi Ida sure i will create a new thread for barclays no problem thanks
  9. anyone offer any further advice on my last 4 posts please
  10. Re: my SAR that was sent to Capital one one 25th January 2010 as you will be aware todays date is now 22nd march 2010 and i still have had nothing from Captial one except a letter saying they cant find anything with my name or address that has an account with them so whats the next step and if they say i dont have an account themn why is there a company contacting me every day from 8am in the morning about it please please help
  11. a new letter from another company that Barclays must use arrived today nothing much differant from any other letter except this ones from a scottish company here is the letter http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/446/debtmanagersltd.jpg any advice on which letter i should post off to these idiots remembering that barclays have never ever produced a signed copy of my aggreement as layed out by the consumer credit act thanks in advance
  12. A small update ojn the Cap One issue i sent the the letter from template 3 as you said ida but still no reply !!! maybe they just dont want my money lol i also wanted to check up on the ppi that i have been paying for the last 10 years to Cap One which im sure would clear my outstanding bill. but if i cant get the information that i have requested and indeed PAID for then what chance have i got ..
  13. as for calder financial which is best letter to send those muppets if muppets is the right word. bearing in mind that barcalys have sent me nothing but a copy of there T&Cs which they seem to think is what they are required to send me. maybe its time to start the complaints to TS and the OFT about barclays since they obviously seem to have a problem with conforming to there legal requirements once again all comments and help are most appreciated
  14. i kept all my cards in one thread so as to make it easier all previous letters are posted on page 1 of the post not that there has been many.post 1 post 23 and 28 of this thread is the last i got from them and whats DN? sorry for my ignorace
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