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  1. Hey guys! Moorcroft wont deal with me anymore and they wont take my calls coz they said I'm unreasonable! (I'm insulted - I think!)
  2. where you at with this Notts?? we're all behind you of course, but I'm on tenterhooks as to where you're at??
  3. OK so I had a VERY busy month at work and now not so much time left, anyone got any input that may help me?
  4. they really dont like it when you tape your calls do they?
  5. I've just noticed I've got a little green dot on my ID and Fred has got 9 little green dots and Locutus has got 7 - have we got the dreaded lurgy or what? should we be applying for tamiflu? or is this points toward being lifted by aliens (oooooh Fred you is a gonna!)
  6. The orders that I got say: On Thursday 6th August 2009 District Judge XXXXX sitting at xxxxx county Court considered the papers in the case and ordered that: 1 This cliam is allocated to the small claims track and the parties are referred to part 27 of the Civil Procedure rules and the Practice Direction of that part for guidance on how the hearing of the claim will be conducted. 2 The claim will be heard at XXXXX County Court on a date and time which is set out on a notice attached to this Order, or which will be sent to you later. The Court reserves the right to chan
  7. the company name thing really isnt a live issue, they are called Hutchinson 3g UK Ltd both they and I have when speaking to each other or to other people shortened that for brevity to either Hutchinson or Hutchinson 3g - nobody has suggested that there is any fault in this, we all know who we are talking about and they shorten it just as much as I do. Anyway, I found your post really helpful, thanks and would welcome your input as the case progresses. I know that I will need to put in new POC's and intend to do so, but first I want the case all lined up, I know I have seen references
  8. I think that is particuarly ungrateful of them, after all we have taught them so much about the business that they purport to be in you'd think they'd be abit more appreciative!
  9. OH I figured it out! (soooo proud of myself! lol!)
  10. I thought that, but, being abit dim here, how do I pm you???????
  11. Can I ask who you have appointed? I only ask coz I'm in the same area and may be interested in seeing if they can help me too. Are such questions allowed in this forum?
  12. Yes I do, but I disagree about its importance really, I'll use it obviously, but my argument hinges on when the contract ended, I claim breach of contract thats what I want to concentrate on most strongly, which is why I need that case (and any other similar ones anyone may know about) I argue that at the termination of the contract the term was also terminated, there is nothing in the contract saying it survives the contract, so no contract no term no right to process. Also the recinding of the contract due to the breach means that there is no "default" so that information is also
  13. I'm abit ahead of you on this, already been through all of this Hutchinson 3g not at all interested and County Court papers now issued (see above) I'm essentially arguing - one that their failure to provide the service was breach of contract and that led (after much effort to resolve it on my part) to my recinding the contract AND THE TERMS WITHIN IT two that the contract was in any case in dispute - so could not be defaulted pending resolution of that dispute - which we havent reached yet three that their actions regarding the lack of service and the placing of incorrect defau
  14. Oh Buzby please just go tell it to the company, its hardly an earth shattering element in the case. I really think that you were right, you really shouldnt waste any more valuable time on inputting in my case, I'm sure there are others that would appreciate you much more.
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