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  1. Certainly will be asking. Thank you for point 2, will be putting that down as well
  2. and presumably both default notices are generated from this screen shot as both have different account numbers
  3. If I have done this properly here is the link to the document received from the banks solicitors which they say proves a default notice was issued (did not appear in the SAR request pack http://i814.photobucket.com/albums/zz64/alannr/Scan10001.jpg
  4. Thankyou 42man Will read the thread and thanks for the earlier post on the "de minimus" issue We have no illusions about the "battle" we have ahead but the wealth of knowledge and advice we are receiving, and exists on this forum is fantastic and gratefully received.
  5. Thanks Supasnooper --- will swat up on fast track and unless orders The screen print appears to be a copy of a copy and seems to be a generalisation from an archive (but that's me speculating )it says ---Description---"Produce dfault notice manually" no data to display ---- I will post it up later today. The only other thing is that the default for the o/d shows up on the credit file 16 months after it was alleged to have been actioned. No default is shown on the credit file for the loan.
  6. Sent cpr31.14 have proof of postage (royal mail signed for) Claim total is over £5000 Have already received 2 packs to my SAR request which we sent to Natwest and not the solicitors, but neither pack, one from Telford, the other from Scotland contains any reference to a default notice (s) and in all the paperwork no reference to it. Have also checked the account statements to see if a charge has been made for it (read somewhere that sometimes they charge)-- none Will take your suggestion, with greatful thanks, and not contact them at the moment
  7. Am now following supasnoopers excellent suggestion and drafting a letter to put them to strict proof of service of the Default Notice and to prove a document was created as a result of this screen shot. One thought has occured to me and that is, am I jumping the gun here or should I wait until a court date is set and then ask for this proof as part of my defence. The reason I ask this is that the court have placed a stay on procedings to allow for negotiations to take place but I don't see how we can negotiate when they have not supplied us with all the facts we asked for originall
  8. Help & Advice Needed Please I have been helping my friend with a county court claim defence. Using the advice I have found on the site we have been able to hold our own, (Grateful thanks to all previous postings ) but now we are beginning to question our sanity and judgement. This is a potted history of the case so far (we can put up any docs referred to if required)--- June 2009 Friend has been on reduced payments for around 12 months for a personal loan and overdraft renewing each 6 month period - receives phone call from bank requesting increase- ca
  9. Help Please My girlfriend has been on a reduced payment plan with Natwest which gets re-assessed every 6 months. She has paid into the plan now for about 18 months or so never missing or paying late. Out of the blue about 2 weeks ago she received a letter from Irwell Mitchell Solicitors demanding repayment in full on behalf of Natwest or else court action may be taken. She replied promptly to the letter explaining that she was on a payment plan as agreed with Natwest. No correspondence arrived back other than a court claim form which arrived on Thursday. The debt is
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