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  1. thanks for the help ppl and that form is filled in and printed hope this works
  2. yes its my partners debt but how do i prove that the stuff is mine i have no receipts stupid i no the house is in her name also so it would look like i was just sayin that the stuff was mine ?
  3. what about if they call with a locksmith are they allowed to gain acsess thre a lock smith ?
  4. nt realy we have nt got much just my computer and the basics tele washer cooker fridge dvd player my kids stuff ie computer tele ds if they come they will take the lot i think as we dont have much
  5. televison lisence fine £600 + £175 charges no they have nt been in before and no i havent singed nothing
  6. even csb said that they are well within the law to gain entry with locksmith also xcuse my spellin ppl lol
  7. csb also said that it is very rare that they do but csb have delt with them alot and normaly not open to negoition and weve been put on a list if some one cancels a app well get a ring so we can go down the office as the early,st app was the 22nd i wish i just had the money to pay them off we could quite do without this at the moment
  8. i know thats what is worryin me and my girlfreind guess all i can do is ring them soon
  9. ive contacted my mp im justin waitn for reply thanks ppl for your help so far
  10. ok ive rang the court that delt with the fine and they say that its out of there hands nothing they can do after its passed to philps alos she said that she would but our details on philips computer system staitin our circumstances and that we would like to resume payments and i have to ring philips in a hour and a half to see if they will accept that but other than that she said theres nothing she can do
  11. so can i contact any county court also how do i find out who my local mp is and thanks for the advise
  12. My girlfreind recently received a letter from philips debt recoery agents stating that the county court had given them a debt of £600 + £100 cost,s and that she had to pay in full within some many days she manged to get them to aceppt £31 a week + £2 charge when paid at the post office for some reason or another the fine was for non payment of televison lisence she paid two payment,s of £33 then missed two weeks due to our arrival of our 4 child 11weeks early as she had to stay in hospital with young one and i had to look after the other three it was not pai
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