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  1. Hello My car tax expired Nov 09. I forgot to renew it until I realised in February 2010. I then renewed it online but it was only backdated until 1st of Feb, so I was unlicensed for 2 months. In March I received a notification that I'd been caught in Feb driving by one of those dvla roadside cameras and they requested a I pay £110 (or so). It was a particularly stressful time, and I forgot all about it, until this morning when I received a magistrates court summons. I realise it's my own daft fault and should have renewed the tax on time, and should have paid the fine,
  2. Hello all, My Renault Espace conked out on the way back from holiday on Sunday. The recovery guys said the alternator belt had snapped, and they thought this probably due to the failure of a tensioner. Yesterday I took it to my local garage who said he would look at it this afternoon and give me a ring. He estimated the cost would be "a hundred and something". He didn't ring me back. I tried to ring at 4.45 (closing time is 5pm) and no one was there. I rang this morning and he said he didn't have an update for me. He eventually rang back this afternoon, at 2pm to say the ca
  3. Here's my budget form - need to confirm the exact amount of the arrears, but everything else is right. Budget Sheet.xls
  4. Hi - The mortgage is in joint names with my soon-to-be-ex-wife, however she hasn't paid anything towards the house since she moved out, and the house will be transferred to me (assuming mortgage co will let her come off the mortgage!)
  5. Hi Ell-enn, I paid £2000 in March, that was the last payment. There is no way I can afford the full mortgage payment in May and June. Just working on the budget figures now, I can afford £850 a month until the fixed rate ends and £850 when it has ended. I've had a letter from GE saying that from July my payment will go onto a tracker. They didn't state how much as the bank of england rate may change. According to my original agreement my tracker is 3.69% above base rate, so i've worked out that my % will be 4.19% and my mortgage will be £700 assuming Bank of England rates sta
  6. Hello Ell-enn, Thank you so much for replying No I've not received an eviction notice, nor have I written to or spoken to them. If you could help me with a letter, that would be great. I'm dead scared of them to be honest, everytime I phone them I end up agreeing to something I can't afford, so end up breaking the agreement because of the pressure they put on me. Thanks
  7. Hello, I hope you can help me. My mortage provider is GE Money. Brief history - I fell behind with my mortgage in January 2008 when a self-employed contract was terminated. I then got a new job and went to court, got a suspended reposession order, but got a loan from my girlfriend to pay it off and got all the arrears up to date. I immediately lost my job again, fell behind with repayments and in December 08 went to court and got another suspended reposession order. I broke this order because I simply couldn't afford it, although have paid bits and pieces towards my mortgage bu
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