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  1. Hi i have a question my lady works 16h a week the thing is around 2 year ago she worked 24h and had to drop down to 16 due to uni now she told the then manager and assistant manager thet this was happening and they where ok with it thing is they did not put it through so they kept paying her the 24h even tho she ws working the 16h now they have noticed and are saying she needs to pay this back can they make her pay it? the reason she did not notice is because at the time we had just moved intogether and i deal with all the cash so i just assumed what was coming in was correct. oh forgot to add she is now back working the 24h
  2. on giving this some thought i may have had contact with the ones that where wanting this debt off me back in early 2004 around jan or feb maby to change address with them to my old flat b4 i gave it up. not 100% sure tho but there is a slight chance
  3. As i am lazy and getting a few letters is not much of a bother i will just ignore them for the time being plus i will prolly move house again at some point only renting just now if they get to be very annoying i will send the letter. thanks for all the info much apreciated i will post again lol if any of my other debt finds me
  4. ok thx for the info why should i not sign it? as my name will be on the letter anyway? so they would only try to settle if it was barred then?
  5. i got the item in around 2000 paid it for a year maby a year and a half became unemplyed so was unable to pay it so then just ignored it mail went to my dads for it so was not bothered he just binned it. so i should just ignore them then? ah thx for the info so should i send it to j&p
  6. as i said it would have been b4 2002 also forgot to add i am from scotland
  7. Hi i was wondering if i could bother you lot for a little advice i have had this debt from around the year 2000 give or take a year or 2 so may be 2002 at the latest now i ignored it and i have not heard from it since untill latly when i recieved a letter the first i ignored and i got the second today and i was wondering should i even bother with it if what should i do? Letter 1 Letter 2
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