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  1. Finaly an update..... Eversheds have now withdrawn the DOE request and have accepted the offer of £75/month for the next 3 months after which time they say they will review again. As a point of interest the CSA did confirm that Eversheds are acting on their behalf but do not have the authority to issue DOE without a court order. watch this space, I may be back about this in 3 months!!
  2. Update, We spoke to the CSA to explain the problems that we were having with eversheds, they also expressed some concern regarding the way things were being handled. They have not issued a DOE but were a bit cagey about the paperwork that eversheds had issued to work. They have said that a representative from their collections team will ring after the bank holiday to try to solve the issue, and that it may be that they will take the issue away from eversheds as they can see that no payments have been missed and from what we are saying eversheds seem to be acting in a heavy handed manner, the
  3. Once again, thanks for the advice. We will get onto the csa again and check things out with them.
  4. Thanks for that, the thing is they are holding the money and how do we get them to hand it back, also how do we stop them acting on the order that they have. do we need to go to a solicitor and get a letter?
  5. I have had a look at a copy of the form and it is a deduction of earnings, worded to make it look like he is a non payer and that the children will be in hardship if the payment is not made. partner asked to up the arrears payments to £75 and they came up with this amount and sent the form to work, is there anything we can do to alter their mind, are they in the wrong for coming up with this amount or do they have the powers that they seem to be weilding?
  6. Also , just to be sure, if eversheds find out that we are living together will they have any legal claim over a portion of my income?
  7. Now I'm confused. The maintenence due is paid by my partner directly to his ex, the csa have said that is ok in 2007 and have said that is the end of the matter. The arrears are paid to eversheds and have been paid at £50 for some time it's only recently that the whole thing has gone pear shaped and they are demanding more than he can afford to pay them, and we don't seem to be able to get them to listen to reason. Today the employer has said that he is going to deduct the ammout from the wages and hold it in another account until the matter is resolved, this will cause us even more problems
  8. Wow, you are the font of all knowledge! thanks very much for your help.
  9. Thanks, I will print this off to show him and we will take it from there.
  10. Thanks for that, the other problem is that they have sent a form to work that they are saying is an attachment of earnings and the boss is not keen to go against them, how do we persuade him not to start sending the £212? If it was an attachment of earnings how would he tell the difference?
  11. Hello, I hope that someone can give me some advice as I am finding Eversheds an impossible company to deal with. My partner pays maintenence directly to his partner and has done since they split many years ago, she has never worked and never declared the payments made to her to the dole as they would have taken them off her, a couple of years ago the CSA started chasing for non-payment and stated an amount of just over £2000 owed. At this point the ex declared that payment was being recieved directly and the csa sent a letter confiming that no further action would be taken for future money
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