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  1. Is there some legislation about signage designed to induce an error for the purpose of extortion and pecuniary gain.
  2. email from CPS "Thank you for your email. As this matter was dealt with by way of a fixed penalty notice your wife would not have had to provide her fingerprints or DNA."
  3. I have written to Primark re RLP database and CPS re police database. Thanks for the advice on this. I have Received CPS "Notice of Discontinuance". It says: "should you wish to apply for any costs incurred in these proceedings ..." It is ironic that if my wife was poor enough she would have got legal aid. If rich enough she would have hired a hot shot solicitor. Not being a lawyer it was much more time consuming for me to study relevant law and construct a defence than it would have been for a solicitor.
  4. Thanks again. But it would definitely have gone to court if I had not written to The Solicitor General who passed it on to the CPS A lot of wasted time all round. I fear many would have pleaded guilty and paid the £80.
  5. Something very similar happened to my last laptop. But this was a result of dropping the notebook. Repairing the screen will not come under the 12 months guaranty FOC. Have you got damage insurance? I suspect given costs you will want to write it off. You might get a decent price on ebay from people looking for second hand memory, keyboard, hard disk. Or better still use it as a desktop and get an external widescreen Cheap eMachines E19T5W 19" Widesreen display 1440 x 900 res - discounts & offers Cheap eMachines E19T5W 19" Widesreen display 1440 x 900 res -
  6. Case withdrawn ................. I write further to your email to Ms Vera Baird, QC, Solicitor General, which was copied to a number of recipients within the Crown Prosecution Service. I have been asked to respond to you on behalf of the Crown Prosecution Service. In this case the police summonsed your wife to appear at the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court. The Crown Prosecution Service was not involved in the decision to summons your wife. Having spoken to the police it would appear that they were not aware of the letter from Primark dated 12th June 2009. As you
  7. GIRLY CRIME UP BY 50% - The Daily Mash GIRLY CRIME UP BY 50% - The Daily Mash
  8. The Police, CPS and The Court have a copy of Primark's letter. It is a criminal matter. The civil case is closed.
  9. Gosh. If they put £20 rather than £10 as the old price you would be twice as happy with the bargain. I imagine you love BOGOFs where the supermarkets more than double the price for a few weeks in Outer Hebrides and then halve it.
  10. Surely as RLP have by applied for a licence they have admitted to operating without a licence and therefore should not be granted a licence? Anyone care to object to their licence application?
  11. Yes Dogma tell your partner before she finds out. She will find out eventually. If she is the sort of person not to support you then best to break the relationship. When you get a letter from RLP report back. I imagine you have paid the £80 police fine. The RLP fine is based on "their costs" and there are precedents quoted on this forum.
  12. I'd say Primark that has looked at the case and seen sense. Recall this is £2.94 case of "attempt to damage". The Police and CPS could be guilty of "Wasting police time" under Section 5(2) of the Criminal Law Act 1967[1] Wasting police time - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Also she was not cautioned before being interviewed by Primark Security or The MPS. Nor was she interviewed through an interpreter. Nor did she have representation at the time. So I imagine any comments she made (she can't remember precisely as she was naturally very nervous and scared) are not admissa
  13. Just ordered a couple of books on Advocacy from Amazon and also enrolled on a 1 day Advocacy course. i would rather spend the money on self-training rather than pay fines or lawyers.
  14. A bit late as I have sent it to the CPS. But what is your reasoning? I seek to demonstrate to the court they we have been very reasonable in good time.
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