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  1. This is so sad. My former husband died suddenly aged 51 without making a will so his new wife could get almost everything when she never worked or made any financial contribution to the estate. My children are now without a father and yet she'll probably be married again in a couple of years, isn't it about time the law was updated to take into account that the wife (or husband) will, about 50% of the time, not be the parent of the deceased's children? I hope that more publicity is made about this so people realise the importance of making a will.
  2. Got another letter from Calder today saying if I don't reply within 7 days the debt may be sold. Bring it on it's not my debt anyway!
  3. Removed - so I wonder if someone has hacked my account?
  4. I've not been on this forum for ages yet I got 4 e-mails today saying that posts of mine had been removed by the cagbots. I wonder if someone has hacked into my account and has anyone else had this problem?
  5. Don't be scared. Think about everything you do (and I mean everything!) and ask yourself are you doing it out of love or fear? These people aren't worth it. x
  6. When they phone me and say is that Miss Trollope, I just say no and then they get confused because that is not in their script! The other day I got Lloyds bank asking for Miss Trollope so I said no so they said is that 123 Trollope st, Trollopeville so I kindly pointed out that they were probably in breach of the data protection act. She then got all huffy and tried to deny it then I hung up.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but they can't charge for the first visit Calculate what the fees should have been, [url=http://criminal-bailiffs
  8. I now say 'no' when they ask if it's me (because they usually pronounce my name wrong) and then it throws them because it's not in their script. Security questions are great because they aren't in their scripts either. Power to the people! Peace. Miss T xx
  9. Report them and don't give them any personal info yes they are a load of muppets!
  10. I would definitely sign it, I used to get stressed out by them now I just ignore them and if I inadvertently answer the phone to them say it isn't me (they usually pronounce my name wrong anyway). When I saw the light (was to do with some charges I was disputing with Barclays who then closed the account and passed it to a DCA it occurred to me I owed them nothing and if they were stupid enough to buy the debt of Barclays more fool them!) I realised all their letters, phone calls and even text messages were just empty threats. Notice how they always say we 'may' take action but they never act
  11. It's not a free advert - I have used the templates to good effect, sorry if you misunderstood. I get extremely angry about people on this site suggesting that people contract with these thugs, they have no lawful power over us and we need to stand up to them effectively. Peace. Miss T xx
  12. See the link in my previous post - you can put in an official complaint to the court where the bailiff is certificated - they do take this seriously. And you can complain about the council here: Local Government Ombudsman • Home A word of advice - if you do end up paying a bailiff do it on a credit or debit card and then you can do a charge back.
  13. Brilliant - now will the unlawful actions of banks, credit card companies, debt collectors and the like now be exposed? I somehow think not but at least it's a step in the right direction.....
  14. Got a call from Calders this evening about 8.30-9pm Monkey: 'is that Miss Trollope' (pronounced incorrectly as usual) Miss T: 'No' Monkey: 'is that 123 Trollope Street' Miss T: 'No' They then hung up. Now supposing they had rung the incorrect number they've just given away my name and address............ Aside from the fact they are invading my evening. Incidentally I keep getting texts, letters etc and nothing happens, just bully boys!
  15. And another thing - the claimant is allegedly CL Finance yet the agreement is between myself and Debenhams.
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