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  1. Are you saying that Tate-Lloyd are still operating? If so how where can they be contacted?
  2. Have you checked Companies House, as Geoff Lloyd's home address is on there? I obtained company information from Companies House as I was concerned about this company and the form that he has completed he has put his address on. I may try writing to him at home....
  3. Has anyone been able to speak to someone there recently? I haven't been able to. The mesages may change due to the number of calls going through to them
  4. A Solicitor from Swansea that is acting on a case for me told me. Apparently it is true.
  5. I have heard that Tate-Lloyd have split, and the firm is no longer practising. Natasha Tate is now working in a call centre. What has happened to all their clients?
  6. Whilst you state that you are not insinuating that you are Solicitors, your company's name has Legal Services in the title. Does this not suggest to the average person that you are providing legal services and thus advice? Unfortunately a Phd in law does not qualify you to provide legal advice, particularly on such a litigious subject. If you provide just a file management service, and are writing letters on behalf of your clients, is this not something that they could quite easily do on their own, without paying a fee? Therefore it is quite easy to see why your clients have b
  7. I can only suggest that if you are unhappy to seek advice elsewhere. I seriously think that the Ferret and Watchdog would be interested in the activities of the [problem] firm of *****
  8. I suspect that Caroline2009 works for Them and I wouldn't be surprised if she was in fact **EDIT** No one has their own law. But in order to advise people on the law, you should really be qualified to do so. If you are concerned, seek advice elsewhere.
  9. That is because they are NOT Solicitors. Neither are they qualified to give legal advice. If I were you I wouldn't give them any money, and I would seek advice from a proper Solicitor.
  10. I have been viewing this forum over the last few weeks, and am very alarmed to note, that everyone on here thinks that these Solicitors. Whilst Caroline 2009 believes that it is bankers that are unsure of the law, I can only wonder how she believes that these are when they are not legally qualified. If anyone is concerned regarding the service received from this organistation I would STRONGLY recommend that they contact Trading Standards and the Law Society. Passing yourself off as a Solicitor is a criminal offence.
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