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  1. Gertrude is on the wind up..posted something similarly stupid on an earlier post of mine! Worra tool!!!
  2. I haven't but, gonna e-mail him the link right now!! Thanks again!!
  3. Teleportation device??!! Are you mad? There's no such thing!!! Ha ha!! What I should have done was put on my cape and fly from the car park into the shop.. that way I wouldn't have walked out! (Yes Superman is real!)
  4. :DThanks for everyones help! Gertrude... Think I'll pay the fine now that you've told me to...you're right, it was legally issued as per the guidelines and I should know better than to challenge the system, which quite obviously works..hmmm Anyway, Got another letter in this week... they're really pushing now... they are now demanding the money be paid immediately or else... Bottom line, I know I should just ignore them as per the advice on here, but it's hard... especially as I'm 100% in the right and it's annoying the hell out of me! I've now passed all my information to my lawyer
  5. Thanks for your help guys...won't bother writing to them again, and loved the FOAD!!! Think that's what'll happen should they bother to come to my door... one other thing.. how does this affect my credit rating?? had a bit of a stinker about 6 years ago and I'm just getting it back on track now!!?? Thanks again:D
  6. :mad:Just found your site after a bit of browsing.. all very informative...and makes good reading!! Anyway I've a on-going problem with Central Ticketing in Birmingham, which I'm hoping for some assistance with... Parked in the free Blockbuster car park in Falkirk on 14/11/2008, and as I could see another customer remonstrating with a parking warden, I double checked the signs on display to make sure I wasn't in breach of any regulations.. There are a number of signs around the car park stating that this is a customer only car park, and there is a HUGE sign re-inforcing the fact that
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