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  1. Renzokuken - I've been with the company 3+abit yrs, so I'm not surprised by much I see anymore. I was looking over it, and of course because it's a business fives is another attempt to make money, they wouldn't do it otherwise. Some aspects of fives I think are part of good customer service, some are niceties that matter more to some customers than others - those same niceties I think are what frustrate some staff about fives, but hopefully if the customer doesn't care for niceties it wouldn't've occurred to them. I think the company is panicking too, with WNR and the like - they hope customers care enough about those things, and desperately trying to go all out on them. Because of that, at first fives seemed pretty rigidly enforced to me, and that rigidness I didn't like, but we're allowed some sway in how we apply it I believe. Fives is being pushed from the top down quite hard, I don't envy my manager for the pressure he's under from his superiors, and I can tell he doesn't really have a choice either but to push it, so I cut him some slack - that said he does believe in it anyway. I don't envy you salespeople either because they could arbitarily set targets to be whatever they like, and it's not an easy time for anyone - tensions are high because I think the company's trying to get everything it can (evenmoreso because of the recession) I would have moral dilemas too selling things like serano stands, premium leads, etc, when you know there's a better deal for the customer elsewhere - beyond just being helpful+offering stuff the very nature of selling/persuading is to distort the customer's perception on truth in a favourable way, so it is a little morally hairy. I care more about helping the customer than helping the bottom line, so I'm warehouse and happy with it. I ask my manager "what do you love about me working here?" haha. BTW - I challenge you to pull a girl using fives!
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