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  1. Hi ANyone to help? I have sent to Cap One S77 and SAR taking great advice from this site. They have admitted in writing they cannot supply any further docs and no signed agreement - what do I do next????? Also have HSBC agreement, sent a signed copy back, but prescribed term 'credit limit' is the old "let you know credit limit from time to time" - is this a default of a prescribed term? Also said I have to make payment 25 days from date of statement, thereby not setting out exactly when I should pay within the single document, is this also a flaw. Any help greatly appreciated...
  2. Hello group. I am new to this whole thing, but followed the links for a few weeks now. The info here is great, so I had to join. Confused and need help however! Capital One, I have sent them a S77 and SAR, they have admitted in writing they cannot supply any further info or documents, I have nto had
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